Homemade Caramel Sauce

Homemade Caramel Sauce-serve it over ice cream, add it to milkshakes or stir it in your morning coffee! I make a lot of homemade ice cream. With 3 kids in the house, it doesn’t last long ....more

Which Winter?

We’ve had Blackberry Winter, Dogwood Winter, Indian Summer. What we’re having now, I have no idea. It’s much cooler than usual for this time of year ....more

Adult acne, why me part 1

I am no stranger to acne. I've had it since I was 11 years old. My mother took me a dermatologist office who prescribed me some anthibiotics and taught me a method to help basically pop pimples that I thought was horrible.  He wanted me to cleanse the pimple in rubbing alchohol and then lance it with a sterile needle....more

Showing Up is Not All of Life…HRC #BookReview

If you’re a lover of books, and burdened with the ability to read way too fast, what do you bring on a 17 hour flight from New York City to Ethiopia? If you’re a political junkie and lover of all things electorate, you pack “HRC” by Jonathan Allen, which documents the time between Hillary’s defeat during the 2008 Democratic primary and selection, and ultimately her political rebirth as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. I remember reading “Game Change” a couple of years ago and thinking that to have been on the very inside of either the Obama or Clinton campaign would have been both inspirational and disheartening ....more

Today was a better day

Friday is usually a more hoppin’ day on the blog but I was MIA yesterday. It all started with a horrible rain storm. I didn’t want to drive to the gym in this horrible rain storm at 5 am because I’m afraid to drive in Noah’s Ark weather ....more


I love weeding after a good rain.  Everything looks so green and luscious.  I feel I'm working in the garden of our Lord.  The soil is soft.  You can easily pull the weeds out. There is so much satisfaction in seeing your work coming into its own.  How can I not stand back and admire it all?...more

The Tiny Human


Ideas to Prepare Your Child For a New Sibling

Becoming a big brother or a big sister – and adding a whole new person to your life – is a big transition for anyone. These are some tips that...more

Finding Peace – Share Your Creativity

Welcome to Share Your Creativity Party • No. 121. Have you had a great weekend!?!...more

And That's Why I Don't Watch Television

A few years back, we pulled the plug on cable television. We're not one of those families that had a sit down with the kids and told them that they were watching far too much and we were just going to go cold turkey, or the kind of family that wakes up one day and decides that there's nothing worth watching on television. It was far less complicated than all that ....more