Skillet Chicken & Potatoes – An Easy One-Pot Meal

It seems like we are a bit obsessed with FOOD this week here on OGT. But that’s not a bad thing, right? :-) Especially when it’s something as simple and delicious as this dish that my daughter Britta decided to cook up this past week ....more

Fated To Love You: Episode 13

Thank the drama heavens that this episode is filled with such sweet moments that I might get a cavity from the sugar overload. But just like any cavity, those saccharine moments are paired with some emotional beats that reminds us of the all-too-recent pain. At least I’m not the only person longing for sweet things in this hour, as we watch Gun jump through all kinds of hoops to at least be in the vicinity of the one gem of a woman who’s returned as an even brighter star in his sky ....more

Which snack food is the greasiest? (classic science fun)

Like most kids, mine are full of questions. ...more

Sound It Out

I don’t know about the rest of you but I love music. Not just the beat or the rhythm but the lyrics themselves. When I have something to say – something really important, more often than not it’s already been said and set to music ....more

Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits

Here in my home state of New Jersey, the store shelves are overflowing with local blueberries and peaches. They are a perfect combination in this healthy snack that is also nutritious enough for breakfast, but still sweet and satisfying for a dessert. Make the most of late summer fruit in these...more

After six years in marriage with my husband with ...

After six years in marriage with my husband with 3 kids, he suddenly started going out with other women and coming home late, each time i confronted him it turns out to be a fight and he always threatened to divorce me at all time, my marriage was gradually coming to an end. i tried all i could to stop him from this unruly attitude but all proved abortive, until i saw a post in the forum about a spell caster who helps people cast spell on marriage and relationship problems, at first i doubted it but decided to give it a try, when i contacted this Spell caster Dr. ZAKI via email, he helped me cast a spell and within 4 hours my husband came back apologizing for all he has done and promised never to do such again and today we are happily together again ....more

Is seeing believing?

Some things must be believed before they can be seen. We’re used to the way science usually works: We see it, then we believe it. We’ve all heard that seeing is believing ....more

How to attach a sew in purse frame

A simple little sewing tutorial today. There are so many cute bitsy bags and purses around at the moment, we thought that you may like to learn how to use a sew in metal purse frame. Purse frames come in all sorts of shapes and sizes ....more

Family Reunions--From Congo to China

So all the camping we have done this summer was for one purpose: to get us to the Our Family in Africa Reunion in Indiana. ...more

A Glimpse into Orphan Hosting: Little “V”

When we saw Vlad exiting customs in his orange NHFC shirt he looked so tiny. He handed us a plastic bag with a Banana Republic logo, which contained his belongings for the summer: his medicine and five rolls of Ukrainian cookies. He was wearing his only change of clothes—a soccer jersey and shorts—underneath the orange New Horizons shirt and a pair of jeans ....more