A brain like mush

Some days, all you have left by the end of the night is a mind that feels a little like Play-Doh. On those nights, there’s not much use in trying to write or have coherent conversations or trying to figure out why exactly your computer’s start up disk is so full. Speaking of Play-Doh, it’s not a toy I enjoy having in the house, though the kids love it ....more

Happily Never After

Brand new TiVo Roamio in the house, and I installed it all my damn self! Golf claps for Ms. IT! ...more

Same Trailer, Different Park

Tonight, I was planning to post an update on some recently completed projects but as I was gathering my thoughts I came across a post I published just over a year ago (you can find that...more

D-Day: Episode 16

To my surprise and utter delight, this show is suddenly found its pace and it’s everything I’ve wanted in the first place for a show that’s about saving lives in the middle of a disaster. Pity that it’s only picking up at a time when most shows end, but considering there’s four more episodes to go after this, perhaps there’s still a chance the show will end on a strong, satisfying (and ultimately entertaining) note instead of the frustrating slog we’ve been enduring the past couple of weeks. We can only hope and put our faith in Ddol-mi. (...)Read the rest of D-Day: Episode 16 (4,053 words) © odilettante for Dramabeans, 2015 ....more

my husband's boyfriend

It's hunting season. You know what that means...husbands across the nation got tons of stuff checked off of their honey-do lists in September to "earn" themselves the right to leave their families for a while. That shelf you wanted hung in September? ...more

Weekend Recap: Richmond Style

I know I overdid it this weekend, but I couldn’t wait to share our weekend with y’all! I’m still sick as a dog, but I’m hopeful I’m getting better. I’ve been on antibiotics for a few days now and finally ate real food yesterday ....more

Mason Jar Christmas Gifts

So, let’s talk mason jars! I am a huge fan of them and they are so versatile. I created these mason jar vases not too long ago ....more

CapriClear Coconut Oil Spray | Review

[pr sample] It's finally feeling like Fall in the California [East] Bay Area, with a few rainy days here and there, and definitely cold chilly nights. As if my dry skin wasn't intolerable during Spring and Summer, now I'm like a human alligator with sad dry skin, scaling and flaking :( Luckily, I received a press sample of the all-natural CapriClear 100% Coconut Oil Spray ($6.00 - $9.50). CapriClear is pure fractioned coconut oil, which is widely known for being hypoallergenic, fragrance free, quick drying and ideal for dry skin types - including those with eczema and sensitive skin ....more