New Video! Haul and First Impressions!

I bought some things over the last few months, here is my collective haul and first impressions! ...more

Update: Traveling with a Child; Also: Activities for a Plane Ride

Elizabeth and I are back from our trip, and let me tell you, I am a little punchy today: there was a red-eye flight, and there was a significant time change, and anyway everything feels weird. Yesterday at this time we were one place! And now we are in a completely different place, feeling like it’s a different time than it is! ...more

Check out my post on Who's Yo Mommy!

This post is sponsored by Sony Pictures, but I think it's cool enough to share with you guys....more


The part of my life I'm most apt to share is the half-full glass. But I know you're no fool. Nothing is as straight as it seems around here where the sidewalks jut like busted teeth and the train cuts each quarter hour like a hundred broken hearts.We're all just human, walking through the pitches and dips of life ....more

So I guess it had nothing to do with Mercury in Retrograde

For the past few weeks (months? Maybe months.) I have been feeling sort of.... down ....more

TOM CRUISE Movie Quiz: Enter Now!

Time for the big Tom Cruise movie quiz! All questions are based some of Mr. Cruise’s most popular films ....more

Mermaid Themed 1st Birthday Party

This marvelous MERMAID THEMED FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Fabiana...more

Butter Almond Meltaways

Butter Almond Meltaways are light, delicate, melt in your mouth cookies. Good luck eating just one! I have told you of my chocolate obsession before, it’s a very real...more

Meal prepping

As if yesterday wasn't busy enough, when I got done typing my blog post, it got a little hectic again. Noah went with my mom to take my sister to the airport, and Eli stayed home with me. Eli and I were just hanging out, doing "beading" (more about that later) ....more

Three DVDs for Preschoolers Headed to Kindergarten

Even though my kids are teenagers now, I still remember those first days of school as I tearfully watched them get on the bus and head off to kindergarten. Sigh … it goes by so fast… If your little ones are just starting school, they (and you!) might be a little nervous about this new experience. Here are three of my favorite DVDs to help soothe those first-day jitters. 1 ....more