What I Ate On Whole30

I recently completed my first Whole30, and I feel great! I know that many of you are also doing Whole30, so I thought it would be helpful to post the meals I ate, with links when possible. Enjoy! ...more

Anniversary Vacation

Hubby and I have been starting a debate. ...more

Reading, Writing and Kindergarten Redshirting: A Little Perspective on a Big Issue

Until recently, the term “redshirting” referred to postponing a college athlete’s participation in regular season games for the period of one year.  Theoretically, the additional time would allow him/her an extra year of growth, as well as practice with the team in hopes of improving the player’s skills for the following year....more


Surprisingly delicious. So here's the story:...more

Create The Most Magical Wedding Photos With These Ideas

Image from Flickr So much of your wedding day will quickly pass you buy. The vows, your first dance, the wedding cake, but, at least, your photos will be with your forever. Your wedding photos will be one of the most important keepsakes from your wedding, which is why you owe it to yourself to ensure they’re perfect ....more

Black History, Black Ballerinas: Ingrid Silva

A little over a year ago my friend Isabel invited me to the ballet in Chicago. She lives in New York and had traveled to see them because she's on the board of directors of the ballet that was performing, the Dance Theatre of Harlem. I am so proud of what she's doing that I occasionally look here to see her name displayed ....more

Homemade Saulsalito Cookies

Homemade Saulsalito Cookies are a spin on the Pepperidge Farms classic. My recipe makes soft cookies with crispy raw sugar bits, loaded with salty macadamia nuts and creamy milk chocolate! My husband and I don’t go food shopping together very often at all ....more

Southwestern Sweet Potato Salad (Black Bean Burger Salad)

welp, that was embarrassing. ...more

Toddler Daily Calendar

I’ve had so many things running through my mind lately. With winter coming to an end, a new baby on the way, and Logan starting to get older, I feel like we need to start implementing a better daily routine at home and start doing more activities and learning, than just watching Mickey Mouse. My pregnancy has left me so exhausted this last month [and winter has me so unmotivated], that I’ve been using the TV a little more than I like to for our at home entertainment ....more

January Update and Takeaways

Birthday run. ...more