Healthy Italian Baked Spaghetti Squash

This dish is super healthy but doesn’t compromise on fabulous taste. With only 1.9g of net carbs it is super easy and suitable for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics and those following a Weight Watchers diet. As an added bonus,  I guarantee your kids will like it too.

There was a Festival. And there were Tulips.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Tree Top, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #TreeTopInc #raisinggoodapples This spring I have been trying to get my family out to do more activities. Utah is a gorgeous state and has so much to offer in terms of outdoors activities ....more

Product Review: Tarte Lipsurgence Power Pigment In Flush

Name: Lipsurgence Power Pigment in Flush Brand: Tarte Size: 0.04oz Price: $24.00 From Tarte’s website: A burst of moisture hydrates lips while imparting rich, highly-pigmented color in new, skin brightening, vibrant shades, and the antioxidant formula with just a hint of refreshing peppermint nourishes and invigorates lips for a more plumed up appearance. What I liked: – excellent colour payoff – creamy texture, glides smoothly on the lips – good staying power – slim size allows for a more precise application – cute packaging What I didn’t like: – drying – if you don’t like lip products infused with peppermint, this is not for you Pigment or hydration? What’s more important to you in a lip pencil? ...more

Austin Food + Wine Festival 2015: The Grand Finale

My second day (Sunday) at the 2015 Austin Food + Wine Festival was another glorious one! The festival had officially been going for three days, meaning that Sunday was the grand finale day. Of course, I did everything in my power to go out with a "bang" -- eating and drinking just about everything in sight ....more

Finding Help: Pediatricians Can Defend Against Postpartum Depression

by Lindsay Maloan (photo via Boss Fight) Most moms wouldn’t ask their pediatricians to check them out if they thought something was wrong. After all, they specialize in children, not women. But in the early months of motherhood, moms spend more time at the pediatrician’s office than they do with their own doctors, so wouldn’t […] The post Finding Help: Pediatricians Can Defend Against Postpartum Depression appeared first on Postpartum Progress ....more

Why You Need More Sleep Than You Think

I know you. You sleep four or five hours a night, and feel accomplished because in the crazy, hectic, busy world you inhabit, sleeping less is one way to do more of the many tasks on your to-do list. I know this because I lived it. ...more
agyleesy Social media does make it so easy to spend hours on Facebook, blog reading, videos ...more

Getting Around Myanmar

Myanmar is a country that will surprise, confuse, and amaze you – its transportation system is no exception. From rickety train rides to freezing overnight buses and off-roading tuk-tuks, the ways to get around the country are limitless, and also quite daunting. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the different transportation systems, their risks and rewards, and how to navigate them ....more

The Reason Why I Haven't Updated my Blog...

Here's the main reason why I haven't updated my blog for a long time... yes, a new business adventure!This is the SB-Backcafe' in Sinsheim, Germany....more

45% Off Monkey Bars Tower Today Only

This Toy Monster Monkey Bars Tower is 45% off today only at Kids Woot. It’s $119.99. If you haven’t checked out the New Baby Must Haves pop-up shop at Kids Woot, be sure to take a look while you’re there ....more


I figured 99 percent of our weekend would be spent on the couch since Ryan is in the beginning stages of recovery from his ACL surgery, but after a physical therapy appointment on Friday afternoon gave us a little more confidence in his mobility, we ended up leaving the house a few times which was a welcomed treat. Friday Night...more