Chocolate Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies

Need to use up some instant chocolate pudding mix? These cookies are your solution! Perfectly fudgy and easy to make, they are my new go-to cookie recipe ....more

Buying Reality

I thought that buying a house would be more fun.In my mind, it would be like having a new baby -- lots of excitement and hoping and planning and dreaming.Instead I just feel fatter and less smart and I'm tired and kind of grouchy, so it is kind of like having a baby after all.Mr. Ashley is obsessed with watching Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, and other real estate reality shows on Netflix and when I'm not making fun of him for that, I'm making fun of the buyers who CANNOT POSSIBLY SURVIVE without a huge dining room because they entertain all of the time or the people who might faint dead away at the site of laminate countertops.I thought that I had more reasonable expectations. My only parameters were that it had to have two bedrooms, room for my dining room table (I don't even need a dining room, but I'm emotionally attached to my farmhouse table, okay?) and no farther from the beach than I am now.That last part was hard because I'm only two miles from the beach ....more

Banishing the Beasts: The slick misogyny of U.S. pickup artists not welcome in Australia

Yesterday, American “pick-up” artist and “executive dating coach” Jeff (Jeffy) Allen had his Australian visa revoked by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. Allen’s tour — part of a Real Social Dynamics (RSD) global roadshow — was billed as “Meet Jeffy.” Those concerned about rising rates of violence against women and the callous mistreatment of young women and girls — reflected in groping, street harassment, unwanted sexual demands and all the other manifestations of everyday sexism — decided the only “meeting” Jeffy should get was with fierce opposition. When Julien Blanc — the big name RSD instructor known for his #chokinggirlsaroundtheworld hashtag — came to Australia in 2014, he didn’t last long ....more

Unexpected moments in the morning

Reading on the couch? That’s one of my favorites. Mornings are not my favorite — even on the best mornings, whenmy fingers don’t fumble for a later alarm and I manage to accomplish a run while still getting all the lunches made ....more

BB8 Sugar Cookies

Over my Christmas break, aside from the surgery and recovery, the family time and holidays, two other important things happened. 1) While laid up in bed trying not to cough or laugh, I got totally hooked on watching Youtube videos about decorating sugar cookies with royal icing. 2) I saw Force Awakens ....more

DIY French Tray – Reader Feature

Tonight’s reader feature is this fun DIY French Tray, which was submitted by Heila! Using an old frame, she added a plank to the bottom, and secured it in place. She coated the wood with white chalk paint, and then, using the gel transfer, transferred the French Shoe Factory Graphic ....more

Hearts for Home Blog Hop, January 28, 2016

Welcome to the Hearts for Home Blog Hop Every Thursday over 20 bloggers host the Hearts for Home Blog Hop, which runs from Thursday through Wednesday. Be sure to stop back by and share your family-friendly posts throughout the week!...Read more The post Hearts for Home Blog Hop, January 28, 2016 appeared first on Learning Table ....more

Week 24 Weigh-in

I just posted the results from the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K, so if you want to check them out, you can see that post here. Congrats to everyone who finished! And a huge thanks for celebrating my birthday with me by completing a 5K :)I had another good weigh-in today.. ....more