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It’s still technically the weekend so I’m not blogging about statistics until tomorrow....more

Plum Ginger Crumb Bars

Here at the tail end of the season, most fruits other than...more

Sage - XOXO Fest, Portland, OR

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Honey-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey-Cinnamon Dip

Some people would call this a side dish. I call it a meal. And...more

The Noble Chef

The Noble Chef recently underwent a huge makeover (as I first read about on mmm-yoso!!!) It used to be a cheap, casual Chinese restaurant that specialized mainly in noodle and rice dishes. It has now been remodeled, with a new menu that aims for more high-end Chinese dining. We were in the neighborhood and decided to check out the new changes ....more

My Picks: Best Food in Pune

Let’s talk good food… these are the places I ate based of recommendations on the best food in Pune. I only had 2 days, so I really stuffed myself full trying to research. I blame it on you guys! ...more

Meow Monday

Jack (telling Fluffy to get off the tower) Fluffy Squeaky CONNECT WITH PLAIN CHICKEN ...more

Harvest Chili Bowls ~ #WeekDaySupper

Thick, hearty chili loaded with tender beef and seasonal veggies. This is comfort food at its best! The temperature is slowly beginning to drop ....more

Ikea Hack – Creating a Vintage Stool

What do you think of my kitchen stool. Would you believe me if I told you it was vintage?!? Would you? ...more