Jaden and Will Smith Get Metaphysical on Being Young And Not Going to School - Precocious or Misled?

Jaden and Willow Smith have just had their first joint interview published on NY Time's T magazine and the intro praises them for giving...more

Pattern Review- How to make a Simple Table Runner

This is still one of my favorite projects on the blog! This pattern can be used for any time of the year by simply using a different charm pack theme. You can use a fall inspired charm pack for a thanksgiving runner or a bright yellow charm pack for the summer ....more

Creative Boost

Oh hey there, Tuesday....more

Sometimes Your Dreams Don't Come True

We all spend our youth daydreaming about being movie stars, astronauts, or maybe Nobel Prize winning scientists. We wax romantic about what it will be like when we are rich and our retweets reach the thousands. Usually our friends and family encourage us and tell us that those dreams are realistic, whether they actually believe that or not. I guess for some people such high aspirations are certainly obtainable. The world does have celebrities, astronauts, and Nobel Prize winning scientists....more

Get Your Facebook Wall Back!

Have you noticed that your Facebook page is more out of whack than normal? It's because the powers that be at Facebook are tweaking the algorithms again. If you're like 6 billion other people in the world, chances are that you will log into Facebook at least once a day—maybe more....more
Great tips, Kristen, especially those about the lists! I'm off to reclaim my Facebook!more


Browsing the internet I don’t know how I found this young teen and his amazing photographs work. Every picture is so beautiful, deep, creative and when I think that he is only 15 years old… OMG!!! It’s amazing!! ...more

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks | The Perfect Holiday Shades

Press Sample. Affiliate Links. I am completely in love with Laura Mercier Cosmetics, as many of you know ....more

40 Moments When I Truly Arrived As A Dad

This may sound strange to some of you, but not all of my readers have children. As a matter of fact, I’ve received messages from some daddies-to-be who look to my blog as a benchmark for what daddyhood will be like (scary, I know). Because of that, I figured I’d share 40 moments when I truly realized that I “arrived” as a dad ....more

Creamy Confetti Corn

This week I’ll be sharing a new recipe every day! First up, this Creamy Confetti Corn. This corn is scrumdiddlyumptious! ...more

Frozen Fun Football

This past weekend, Brent and I went to Fayetteville for the Arkansas/LSU game.We had so much fun! First of all, I hadn't been to a game since year before last. For the past five or so years, we've gone less and less due to numerous reasons ....more