A friendly open letter to Mercedes Benz

I contemplated and pondered for at least a year before I decided to take the extra bold and courageous step to ask you a few things about an experience I had in your car. I mulled over this for quite sometime before making the conscious decision to speak on this matter. So it has been thought through, carefully, in determining if there was really a need to make this concern known to your business. So, I asked myself......more

Consider This Please

"You're entirely bonkers.But I'll tell you a secret.All the best people are."Lewis Carroll ...more

January is Stalking Awareness Month

I write this knowing that my stalker is watching each letter as it begins the next word. I write it without hesitation, because silence is what perpetuates their harassment. While speaking out also has its consequences, I choose to be bold and fearless. I've been told that I could upset them by doing so, but that they could also get pleasure out of knowing. ...more

Chocolate Whipped Cherry

Chocolate Whipped Cherry Just like that January is just about over and what do I have to show for it? ...more

Cocoa Daisy Scrapbook Layouts | February Kit Pop Fizz

February is almost here. We are not snowed in like most people were but it is kind of grey and dreary here anyway. ...more

Kid Valentines Craft

Making Paper Mache Hearts is a great weekend activity drying glue and paint can be helped along with a blow dryer.  As a family activity these hearts are not to give away they are for the children to keep and hang in their bedrooms to remind them of all the people that love and consider as part of their family....more

Train, Derailed

Gosh, I've really missed this space. I didn't plan to leave it alone for this long. I was having a great time, slowly recapping our vacation and putting our itinerary and memories into words here for posterity ....more

Maple Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is always a big favorite at my house. There is something about the tender, tasty shredded meat that is so irresistible and hard to ignore....more