Today’s the Day – My Cocktail Ebook is Now Available!

The title pretty much says it all – my cocktail ebook, A Year of Cocktails: 52 sensational drinks for sipping throughout the seasons, is officially launching today and is now available to buy! If you subscribed to receive email updates before today, you would have received an email from me on Saturday with an exclusive […] ...more

Capicollo, Tomato and Basil Thin Crust Pizza

My youngest son and I are into baking lately. We have tried many bread recipes and so far our favorite is the rosemary and thyme focaccia bread. It was so good especially dipped in olive oil-balsamic vinegar mixture ....more

Our Vacation in Texas Hill Country… Take a Peek!

Vacation… well mine was short this year, but...more

Team NutriBullet - Round Two

To those who applied... The Team NutriBullet Round 2 Questionnaire (R2Q) went out to all the Alumni yesterday, and to new applicants today! ...more

Pleated chiffon blouse

This Lilac Chiffon Blouse top is available over on instagram here! This has been a busy week over here. But that’s just it ....more

Boyfriend Doesn’t Always Want Sex And I’m Upset

Reader Sexpot writes, Just the other day I went round to my boyfriends house. I see him on average 5 times a week and we have sex on average 3 times a week. ...more

The Secretly Unhappy Home

This is an excerpt from my new book,...more

Innocent, Unborn but Alive

The most recent video in the Planned Parenthood scandal made a wave in my household....more

Star Wars Play for an Outer Space Theme

My son adores Lego Star Wars, so we do a ton of creating and playing with them! In fact, my son helped me create this Star Wars sensory small world that’s perfect for an outer space theme (or just because)! He’s been into the Death Star, specifically, so that’s what our small world is centered on ....more

Skinny Pasta Salad!

I make this very simple, healthy staple item about once a week and keep a big glass bowl of it in the fridge. That way, we can eat it for lunch, as a snack or as a dinner side. It’s so good with chopped olives, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes or any other veggies tossed in ....more