When Mirrors Fall Down

I thought about titling this post Powder Bathroom Makeover Reveal Take 2 but it seemed more appropriate after writing it to use the title “when mirrors fall down.” Several months… The post When Mirrors Fall Down appeared first on ---Provident Home Design--- ....more

There is NO "More to the Story" of the Washoe County School District Soap Opera

Good fucking shit, get a clue. Stop peddling Howard Rosenberg and company's BULLSHIT that there was "more" to the story of why they decided to break the law and Pedro Martinez's contract. The onus is on THEM, NOT on Pedro Martinez.There is no "more" to the story because Washoe County School District is a piece of shit employer that flouts the law because it can ....more

Vazhakkai Curry 2 | Raw Banana Fry

For the CCC this week, I have this simple, yet tasty side dish that you can make for Sambar Rice or any of the Mixed Rice dishes. Amma had made this sometime back and I simply loved it. I generally love any stir fry with raw banana ....more

Plus Nine Boys: Episode 9

Yay, we get an episode devoted entirely to the girls, and as a result, everyone’s love lives take big leaps forward. Not that I don’t love this drama’s unique take on life from the guys’ side of things, but when you’ve got three leading men who pretty much think women are capricious aliens, a trip to the other side is a welcome and illuminating detour. (...)Read the rest of Plus Nine Boys: Episode 9 (3,445 words) © girlfriday for Dramabeans, 2014. | Permalink | 29 comments | Add to del.icio.us Post tags: featured, Kim Young-kwang, Kyung Su-jin, Oh Jung-se, Plus Nine Boys ...more


 I want to love her.I think she is adorable and has amazing potential to be great kid and as time goes, great adult.I want to love her.I want to want to snuggle her and kiss her and tell her silly stories.But I can’t stand her. And it is not her fault.She is just a child. She copies other people’s behavior. She listen words other say. She follows action we all do around her....more

Hazelnut Brownies with Espresso Mascarpone Cream

By Jillian Bedell There’s a quiet, leafy corner of New Haven where time stands still. Walk through...more

It’s a Wonder Any of Us Survived

Tonight, I listened as another mother expressed some guilt over discovering that her 9 week old baby wasn’t gaining enough weight. The lactation consultant figured out that the baby needed more milk in the evening when the mom’s supply was low. After...more

My Perfect Friday Night + Day In The Life

Hey and happy weekend! I’ve reached a new level of...more

Feminism Friday: All About That Booty

By this time, I’m fairly sure that everybody and their dog has heard Meghan Trainor’s song All About That Bass. And you should have, because it is ridiculously catchy and fun and I listened to it about five times in … Continue reading → ...more

Lost You Forever Chapter 36: Flowers Bloom Flowers Wilt, Farewell to a Loved One

Translating this chapter of Lost You Forever took forever because it’s basically three chapters in length, not to mention the tears and snot that poured forth which required me to take numerous breaks in order to calm myself down. This … Continue reading → ...more