Embellished Glass Bottles with Vintage Flair

I’ve wanted some new embellished glass bottles for home decor, but they’re more fun to make than buy. ...more

This & That

Life is slowly getting back to...more

Blended Learning: Q&A, Videos, and Must-Read Books

Let’s start this conversation with three simple words: you’re not alone. There are other parents out there, like you, searching for solutions to keep kids excited about learning. One of my first goals with this blog, was to find like-minded parents to help provide inspiring ways to keep my kids’ curiosity alive: Let’s encourage divergent thinking, instead of convergent thinking; innovation instead of standardization....more

Mexican Chocolate Pops

So, um. These were delicious! And they made my lips tingle a little bit ....more


{Sam’s 4 month well baby checkup! He’s up to 15 lbs and 25 in! More than double his birthweight, high five! ...more

Project Inspire{d} Pretty Features

Project Inspire{d} Features Happy Saturday, Friends! We are doing things a bit different around here for our weekly Project Inspire{d} Party. We party hostesses are going to take turns choosing features ...more

The Keto Diet In Simple Words and Cheesecake Tarts with Blackberry Compote

Guest Post by Craig from Ruled.me It’s not often that I welcome...more

Show Stopper Saturday

Hello Saturday! So grateful to my girls, Lyuba and Krista for inviting me to guest host. And for their loving patience with me as I’ve never done this before ....more

Par’s Picks – 15

After a long hiatus, Par’s Picks is back! I can’t promise that this is going to be a weekly thing like I originally planned, but I hope to be as regular with it as possible. Let’s get the party started! ...more

The Lovely “Spring” and “Autumn”

When I first started following The 2 Seasons ~ ~ the beautiful mother/daughter team referred to themselves as “Spring” and “Autumn” Then they decided to use their real names, Jordan (Spring) and Janette (Autumn) ....more