j. taylor photography Right now, while most people are enjoying Spring Break, Trevor is in the thick of studying for finals and I am trying to manage a to-do list that I am wading in knee deep. I don't know what it is about April but even though I graduated from college back in 2011, I always seem to be scrambling during this month ....more

Pollen Count

When I was a child, I never knew there was such a thing as a pollen count. ...more

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My Pet Troll

Guys, I've got a troll.Not the weirdly cute kind with the colorful hair and trendy little belly button jewel, but the kind I imagine has teeth like a meth head and yells at puppies for fun.I don't know why I'm sharing this with you today, probably because I share just about everything here, but it's time to give my new pet troll a little bit of attention. Mostly because I'm assuming she (Also assuming this person is of the female persuasion because I don't know many men who would waste their time with such nonsense.) doesn't get it from anywhere else and also, a little bit, because she frequently comments on my blog but doesn't leave any sort of contact information behind, meaning I can't directly respond to her. Gah, I can't imagine why?I know why trolls do what they do and I know I'm not at all "really the worst ever", as she's most recently informed me ....more

My New Free Dining Chairs, Found Treasures, And Lighting Galore

I’m slowly but surely getting things ready in the breakfast room so that I can level the floor in there....more

Laundry Soap Recipes

Powdered Laundry soap (does not work well with very hard water) 1 bar (4-5oz) of soap grated as fine as you can 1c washing soda 1/2c baking soda 1/2c borax 1/4c salt (if you have hard water) 1t tea tree oil 1t orange oil 1t lemon oil 30 drops GSE (grapefruit seed extract) Just mix it all together in a bucket and use 1T for front loading machines and 1/8-1/4c for top loading machines. All the oils are optional. Liquid Laundry Soap (works better for hard water) 1qt water 5oz grated soap Melt on med-med/low heat Fill 5 gal bucket half way with hot tap water and soapy water, then add: 1c washing soda 1/2c borax 1/2c baking soda 1/4c salt (to soften water) fill bucket with hot tap water GSE, orange oil, lemon oil, TTO can be added to bucket or to jugs later ....more

Becoming a Family of Prayer

When I read Kendra of Catholic All Year‘s Day in the Life post last week, I immediately asked if she would write about how she fits prayer into her family’s life. We just started trying a family Rosary again after taking a break since Baby Gwen was born, but I was inspired by how Kendra centers her family’s...more

How to Gold Leaf Coasters

How to Gold Leaf Coasters Written and photographed by Amy of...more

Watch Some of My Favorite Bloggy Friends Tell You What Blogging Is

"My blog is my spirit animal." OMG ....more