Dual Income No Kids Yet- Just In Case We Need Another Lifestyle Label

from thesimplemoneyblog.comI am a married woman in her thirties, who happens to be chil...more

Salmon Chowder

I have never tried a fish soup recipe before, heck all my cooking experience stretches as far back as 2 years ago only but, I always loved salmon and that was actually the impulse I needed to make this dish… that and wife that always bugs me about my Eastern European recipes which she can’t really get accustomed to. So here I am, going where no dude has gone before (at least not one without any cooking training), trying to make my first soup in which I had to put evaporated milk and I know is not a big deal for most of you, but the only dairy I ever used in my soup was sour cream, never milk. Now, I noticed a lot of people are making this recipe or some variation of it but most are using canned salmon which I don’t really like because it has a weird taste, so in my recipe I used a big piece of raw salmon, without skin and it was great, just needed to cook a bit more that’s all ....more

The Sleep They Aren't Getting...

Didn't mean for it to get so quiet in this space. We have good reasons, promise! I also promise I have another 52 weeks post that's coming soon ....more

Thankful Take-out: Free printables for holiday leftovers

How is it already the middle of November? I really can't believe how fast the year is flying and that Thanksgiving is approaching so soon....more

Totally Love It, Tuesday...

Hi y'all! Welcome to another addition of Totally Love it, Tuesday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend ....more

Oh, The Places I'll Go

When I was 21, I wrote my first bucket list, long before the movie (of the same name) made that idea popular. At that time in my life, my hopes and dreams were fairly simple. My list included sky diving, getting married, having children, earning my Ph.D., driving a race car, climbing a mountain, and a few other things that I don’t remember. (I long ago lost the list.) The only things I accomplished (for lack of a better term) were marriage and children....more
A.C.Melody You have a great list! Most of the states I have left to visit our New England. I ...more

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Chocolate Pecan Pie – inspired from the delicious pie from The Roaring Fork restaurant. This is a twist on the traditional pecan pie with chocolate chips and toffee bits inside. My husband and I have always bonded over food ....more

Glamorous Frozen Birthday Party

This GLAMOROUS FROZEN BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Jelis...more

10 Under $100: Best Coats for Winter

One of the best parts of winter time is undoubtedly coat shopping! We love the search for the perfect coat to accent all our winter looks. In the midst of our mad search, we’ve come across so many great finds (all under $100!) ....more