One Pot Chicken Sausage Rice Enchilada

One Pot Chicken Sausage Rice Enchilada – a one pot wonder that tastes like an enchilada but is made with rice, veggies, chicken and sausage....more

32 Ideas for teaching Toddlers : It took me 10 years to write this post.

I've had this post for months in the making, and after posting last night's post, I decided I needed to finish up the details on this one.However, to warn you, it is a novel of read. Which means pin now { bookmark now } or whatever you normally would do, and read later when you're running low of ideas or when you're buried inside due to the cold winter. We all know that's coming.I'll also add activities as we discover new fun ones, and I'm sure this list will only grow grow grow!So, here we go....more

Lamb and Chickpea Salad

Lamb and Chickpea Salad. Finally putting my chickpeas to some savoury dishes. Heehee ....more

Ghost Counting Game

We love seasonal twists to learning games. This ghost counting game got my boys running and laughing…and practicing numbers! Make the Ghost Counting Game Tissues Thread Cotton balls Marker White paper Scissors Tape First make tissue paper mini ghosts ....more

Easy Tomato and Courgette Pasta

The tomatoes and courgettes in the garden are so bountiful this September....more

A 20 Week Secret

It's true, we've been keeping a 20 week secret! In late January to early February we are expecting a little sibling for Mr.Ben! (Gender reveal near the end of this post) ....more

Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

Who else is SO excited for TV to start again??? I’ve never really considered myself a TV junkie. But I think I had withdrawals over the summer ....more

The Crud Divides and Conquers

If sharing is caring, then the big one must REALLY love the tiny one. In this case, I think "sharing" involved licking every surface Mila touches because the cold that Alexis has been battling for a few days found its way to Mila. Which, BLURGH ....more

Scapegoating Syndrome-5 Signs

Have you heard of Scapegoating syndrome? I hadn’t heard of it until I randomly came across this post in my facebook feed;  Scapegoating: When You Get Stuck Trying to Outrun Someone Else’s Shadow by Glynis Sherwood.  This article answered many questions for me. It solved a mystery that I just couldn’t figure out....more
survivelivethrive Me too, Jane! This has been a struggle for me but there are some unique ...more

Slow Cooker Pineapple Barbecue Chicken Wings

Slow Cooker Pineapple Barbecue Chicken Wings –...more