Crispy noodle “wontons” are easy, fast to make, unexpensive and taste like wontons. Cook your favorite pasta al dente, season with your favorite spices, fry and drizzle truffle oil on top and you will have the most delicious, crispy and addicting snack for any gathering, party and Super Bowl. This crispy noodles are our new addiction for so many reasons ....more


According to the Guardian, "Researchers at Poland’s Institute of Nuclear Physics found complex ‘fractal’ patterning of sentences in literature, particularly in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, which resemble ‘ideal’ maths seen in nature." This may well be true—I'm no mathematician, and the concept of multifractals makes my head spin a little—but it doesn't make Finnegans Wake one iota more readable ....more

Chicken Liver Pâté

Pâté is an interesting beast. It can be polarizing for some. Mention foie gras (which is duck liver, but not just any duck liver, it’s the liver of a duck forcibly fed corn beyond it’s natural capacity) to a animal lover or activist and you’ll most likely at least end up with a big stink […] ...more

Treating Common Stains On The Go

Accidental spills, drips, and stains can ruin your clothes if not addressed quickly enough. Since most of us don’t have an emergency washing machine...more

I Think You're Zootastic Valentine || Free Printable

These days I just feel busy. I had the delusion that once Christmas was over, life would slow down. Wrongo! ...more

Fashion Friday: Edition there’s a lot of navy

At one point yesterday when I was working on this, I realized that everything I kept looking at was either navy or striped or navy with stripes. So that appears to be a continuing trend. But I did manage to find a few other things that are neither navy nor striped ....more

Herb Skillet Chicken

You know what I love? Happy accidents. I love when happy accidents occur in my kitchen ....more

Friday Favorites – Last One in January

Happy Friday my loves! ...more

Super Rare Ugg and Sorel Boot Sale

I found a very rare sale today on a big variety of Ugg and Sorel boots! The discount isn’t gigantic, but for boots that almost never go on sale it’s still a great find. If you’ve had your eye on any of these boots, now is definitely the time to grab them ....more

February Things to Do Around Spangdahlem 2016

February Things To Do Around Spangdahlem has several Fasching events going on as well as some other interesting things to go see during this month. These are generally no more than 3 hours away, although I may throw in one or two further away ones if I think that they are something to consider. There [...] The post February Things to Do Around Spangdahlem 2016 appeared first on World Traveling Military Family ....more