30 Handmade Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is slowly creeping up, and I’ve always had a soft spot for handmade costumes. Not only do they give you the opportunity to be creative, but they offer a unique look that store bought costumes just can’t emulate. So whether you are looking to create a detailed costume, or simply need inspiration for a […] This is a post from Upcycled Treasures ...more

A Nightstand’s Story: From Curbside to Bedside

The following is a reprint of a previously published post. Enjoy! The “before” shot of my curbside nightstand ....more

Believe It Or NOT, Verbal Abuse Is A Planned Event

Covert verbal abuse is subtle aggression. It's aim is to control and dominate you without you knowing. If you’ve never been exposed to the insidious nuances of a covert verbal abuser, you may not realize what is happening to you....more

Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken and Linguine with Tomato Basil Butter Sauce

Does anyone else get insatiable cravings for pasta? For me, it happens at least once a month. Maybe twice ....more

I Let My Kids Get Hungry.

My kids often come to the kitchen just as I start cooking dinner, looking for something to shove...more

Menu Planning Monday

Hello hello hello! Is it feeling like fall where you are now? It's rained all weekend here and beginning to feel a little like fall here in Carolina country ....more

One Hundred in Sixteen

I’ve read several puppy socialization articles explaining it's imperative to expose your puppy to one hundred people by the time they are sixteen weeks old.  This could prove to be a challenge since puppies are unprotected until a week after their last set of shots.  Macie just had her last series of shots at 13 weeks old and by next week should be ready for exposure to dog parks and even more public places.  Of course, I am a determined puppy socializer, so I have followed the suggestions from experts and invited people to my home.  Through social media I posted mu...more

The Oxymoron That Is Work-Life Balance

A lot of the luncheons I have been attending have been discussing the idea of work-life balance. If you're like me, you see this as an oxymoron. There is nothing balanced in my life, the scales are always tipping one way or the other ....more

Texas Beef Nachos

Remember these carb-less nachos? They were such a big hit here. And I am all about game day grub lately ....more