“Good Luck Soup” Showcases Japanese American and Japanese Canadian Experience

Last year, I blogged about “Good Luck Soup“, a film and transmedia project seeking crowd-sourced funding. I’m delighted to hear today from project founder...more

Easy Blender Pancakes

Quick Blender Pancakes for Any Day of the Week! Every now and then we get a craving for pancakes. Who can resist their light delicate texture paired with butter and syrup? ...more

Finding Grant Funds For Your Nonprofit

Once you have the necessary paperwork in place for your organization, you will then need to proceed to “go find money.” These days, everyone from utility companies to vendors say we have to give it to them, so yes, you may need a wee bit to achieve your mission. In the Realm of Philanthropy, there are 3 ways you will do this: Fundraising, Government Grants, and Private Sector Grants. This article discusses the protocol for finding funds in the private sector. ...more

Holiday Gift Guide: Star Wars

Star Wars is all the rage this holiday season with the new movie coming out! I think it’s giving plaid a good run for its money;) Brett insisted on a Star Wars themed gift guide this year, so here you have it! All the best gifts for any Star Wars fans you’re shopping for ....more


"I read your blog. I don't agree with you but..."I find that statement like fingers on a chalkboard. This blog is my life story ....more

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Peanut butter dog treats made with 3 ingredients. Simple, all natural, and dog approved! Peanut Butter Dog Treats A basic recipe for your peanut butter loving dogs! ...more

Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Pie Bars

What more can you ask for in a bar?! ...more

Personal Patchwork Drawings by 4th & 5th Graders

I got this project idea from the Art Teachers group on Facebook....more

How We Enjoy the Outdoors

*This post is sponsored by The Trust for Public Land, as always all thoughts are completely my own. Our summer's grand road trip adventure to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks has our entire family itching to explore and adventure and just get outside. Living in a big city like Los Angeles can be a challenge ....more

Opening the Floodgates, But Maybe Not the Border

My husband is known by his friends (AND ENEMIES--looking at you, Skeletor!) for willingly and ably wading into hot-button, murky topics that are politically polarizing, and having focused, rational dialogue about them. ON SOCIAL MEDIA....more