Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie Bowl

Part and parcel of being in the blog world is a serious love for other blogs. I can’t remember exactly when this love first developed but I do remember one of the first sites I couldn’t take my eyes off of was the lovely blog Paige had built to showcase her incredible eye for style and design in conjunction with her boutique Shop Bicyclette. Although shop has now unfortunately closed, Paige’s blog is still going strong, and her vibes of city life with a whimsical twist always make my heart flutter with every single post ....more

Flamingo Romper

Topshop romper,...more

Gottex Cruise 16 At Miami Swim Week

The Gottex runway show at Miami Swim Week was everything I thought it would be and more....more

Home Decor Favorites

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is popping with amazing deals on clothing and accessories, but have you overlooked the Home department?! If so, I'm showing you all my favorite interior picks from the sale. I love Nordstrom for their easy, neutral and classic aesthetic ....more

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad

Do you love burgers but want something a little lighter? How about a bacon cheeseburger salad with all of the flavours of a bacon cheeseburger in salad form. This salad starts out with ground beef that is seasoned with common burger patty ingredients and condiments including worcestershire sauce, ketchup and mustard ....more

Sweat-Proof, Swim-Proof, Water-Proof Makeup Tutorial

For many of us, summer makeup routines change to light, minimal makeup. But, sometimes an occasion (especially if pictures will be taken) arises where we need a bit more coverage--like weddings for example, and we need makeup to last. Today's post features products that are sweat-proof, swim-proof, and water-proof to get you through those summer months ....more

Our New Patio

When David and I moved back into our home in Virginia we painted a few walls but all of the major renovations had been completed, well inside. We loved our backyard but had always talked about adding a patio to help define the space a bit. So upon hearing we were moving back to Virginia......more

Think and Make Thursday – Week 41

I am still completely reeling over the weekend I just had at the Haven Conference and absolutely cannot wait to sit down, gather my thoughts, and attempt to convey it’s awesomeness to you guys in the near future!! ...more

Whole Grain Calzones with BroccoLeaf

Whole Grain Calzones with BroccoLeaf You are probably asking, what is BroccoLeaf? We didn’t know either until the Foxy vegetable folks brought it to our attention. It is a new non-GMO vegetable that is hitting the shelves that can be used in a similar way to kale or spinach ....more

Mario Batali’s Green Beans (Fagiolini in Padella)

Last week, we found ourselves with quite a large crop of green beans from our garden! So of course, we decided to make and share a favorite recipe here on A Family Feast. Today’s recipe is Mario Batali’s Green Beans – or as the celebrity chef calls this recipe: Fagiolini in Padella ....more