Souvenirs from our trip!

After a month of traveling what feels like around the world.... am back at my desk, maybe I even have a flower in my hair, a pretty messy house, a spoiled rotten tod who now won´t let go of her paci and refuses to go potty... but most of all, I am back here with another treasure of family memories, full hearts, and as a stronger family!Am a dreamer, I think I was born one, and will die one ....more

Sharing Is Caring

So… I tanked...more

How my solo beach retreat reignited hope in the midst of grief

When I was a little girl, in my pretty, happy bedroom with the shag yellow carpeting, I had a Charlie Brown trash can with the exclamation, “Good Grief” bubbled over Charlie's big, round head.Of course I knew Charlie Brown, and I’d heard him lament "Good Grief!" in many Charlie Brown specials, but never did I know know what the word “grief” meant....more

Escape to San Francisco

A week after my birthday, Matt's mother came to stay with the kids so that Matt and I could go away together for the weekend and recharge. ...more

10 Ways Target Is Robbing You Like A Pickpocket

Joni Edelman for Ravishly.comI spend so much in Target, sometimes I look at my bank statement and think, "Someone stole my ATM CARD."Oh shit. That was actually just me, three times last week....more

Three Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to US! The last three years have flown by and our family even expanded to 3 + Roxy! I can't wait to see what's to come ....more

4 Faux Marble DIYs to Try

I love marble. It adds a classic, luxe feel to any project. However, the real stuff can be a bit pricey ....more

Hawaii's Secret Mermaid Cave (and some lessons on culture)

I often see people, quite often those who are sent to live here for a few years, frustrated that others won’t share the location of some of the hidden treasures of the island with them. These people are typically the ones who don’t like Hawaii and I have seen it over and over again since moving here. It led me to this post where I wanted to share some notes on the culture of this island paradise which most of us are a guest of....more

12 Toys We Have That Don’t Suck

I am pretty vicious about toys around here. When my world is falling down around me in chaos and fire, I go to the playroom and I purge. If my kids haven’t touched a toy in months, GOOD DAY, SIR ....more

How To Hem Your Pants With A Blind Hem Stitch

This weekend, I finally got to crack out my sewing machine! First mission ... to hem a pair of white linen pants that I bought months ago. I still haven't worn them because they are 2" too long....more