Green Bean Casserole {recipe}

One of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, besides bowlful of mashed potatoes and a tub of gravy (DUH!)...more

17 Moments that Define Parenting A Toddler

1.  Moment of Pride- Baby pooped in potty chair2. Moment of Guilt- Putting baby in front of TV for a minute of peace.3. Moment of Hope- When baby sleeps through night for the first time ever.4. Moment of Anger- Baby drops the spoon for the nth time and cries for you to pick it up for her.5. Moment of Happiness- When baby is finally asleep....more

Countries Scramble To Close Borders To Stray Cats

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama Three stray cats managed to sneak their way through increased security at the G20 summit in Turkey this week....more

4 Surprising Benefits of Massages

This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. My husband and I can both be described as workaholics. ...more

Thankful for the Good Ones

Last night...more

Movie Round Up: What's Good

I have another movie review round up for you....more

Flowers for the graves

“Only love can protect Paris?” Not very likely. Read my article, Flowers for the graves ....more

Typical Day of A Stay At Home Mom

It’s 6 am and the alarm goes off. No, not the alarm on the nightstand. I am talking the alarm on my bed- my little baby. And he starts his duty.He rolls over, plays with my hair and showers me with kisses and saliva. Though I try to snooze for 5 more minutes hiding under the covers, my little brat is unstoppable and wouldn’t budge without getting me out of the bed.I mentally count the number of hours I slept and curse my husband who is still in deep slumber and forces myself to get up and move to the kitchen....more

August 2015 Income Report – Super Late Version

Hey, Dustin here! It’s been a while since I did one of these not sure why. I know part of it is not knowing how useful people find it and part is balancing food blogging with giving people tips and tricks on how to create their own food blog or online business ....more