Friday Five

Hey hey hey! How’s your week been? It’s been another crazy busy week around here, but...more

A 70’s Summer

When I was young, I still had my regular bedtime during the summer. That meant that I was in bed with the light streaming through the windows while I could hear my friends outside, still playing. Once I yelled out to them through my open window, but my mom, who used that time to garden, heard me ....more

Mashenka’s Summer Job Search

Our third oldest, Mashenka, has just turned 17. Last summer she had a part-time job on Thursdays and Fridays scooping ice cream and assisting at a mini-golf place. Both operated together and her oldest brother, Petya, was working not far away at the main golf course of the same establishment ....more

{Thirsty Friday} Watermelon & Raspberry Lemon Slushie

Today I am having all four of my wisdom teeth yanked out of my mouth....more

Summertime Salsa with Fresh Berries & Mint

Your kids won’t be walking, they’ll be running to assist you in the kitchen when they get a gander of the bright colors dotting your counter top. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Produce for Kids. I’m so excited to once again (…can’t believe it’s been a year already since making this) share with you this special opportunity to support children’s charities, including Feeding America, simply by shopping for healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables ....more

Flashback Friday – Chile Lime Chicken Tostadas

Today’s flashback is a great summer meal. You make the tasty chicken for these tostadas in a crock pot. This meat is so tasty it could even be used in other ways besides these tostadas ....more

Radish, Orange & Goat Cheese Salad

I work in a Section 23 classroom for kids with acute mental illness. They are between the age of 12-18 and the program is designed to integrate kids back to school while earning a few high school credits and taking part in an intense therapy component. There are 8 students enrolled for 6-8 weeks and our team consists of a teacher, CYC (Child and Youth Counsellor), social worker, psychiatrist and me, the EA (Educational Assistant)....more

{Gallatin River} Montana

Hitting the salmon fly hatch on the Gallatin was a blast! It was also good to be on the river with Wes & Alex again. We landed a cutty and a handful of browns and rainbows ....more

Pinterest Picks

Happy Friday! I forgot to write an intro for this and almost hit publish without one at all. I guess my brain already thinks it’s Saturday? ...more

Friday Flotsam

FRIDAY. (!!!!!) (!!!!!) (!!!!!!) !!!!! ...more