A trip to paradise!

Well, it's officially summer now and we just returned from the most WONDERFUL vacation! It had been over six years since we last went on a vacation and when my husband's sister invited us to go to Florida with them, we jumped at the chance!!! It ended up being my husband's parents, his sister, his brother and their spouses plus the two of us ....more

Modern Sew Seciety Podcast

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of chatting with Stephanie Kendron who hosts...more

Patriotic Peanut M&M Cookies

M&Ms usually release colorful bags of their candies for the holidays. This means red, white and green candies around Christmas, then reds and pinks around Valentine’s Day. I often use these seasonal M&Ms to give a pop of color to an otherwise ordinary batch of chocolate chip cookies, so when I saw a bag of red, white and blue peanut M&Ms on the shelf, I knew that some 4th of July cookies were in order ....more

For men under 45, trans fats leads to poor memory

My husband just turned 42 and I swear his memory has been getting progressively worse and worse. Some of it is probably selective hearing, some is probably due to age-related cognitive decline, a small bit may even be due to the 4 wars he served in (because he was around lots of blasts). But reading this new research, I'm going to put some blame on trans fats.This new study out of the University of California - San Diego has found that a higher consumption of trans fats was linked to poor memory in men under age 45....more

Through Your Child's Eyes Game Review

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across the Through Your Child's Eyes page on Understood.org, via the Dyslexic Renegade Facebook page. (Thanks, Leia's mom!)Wow. Did they ever do a good job.It's comprised of five different timed games, which highlight a different area LD students regularly struggle with - reading, writing, attention, math and organization.I had a hard time with each of those issues, and sometimes still do ....more

10 Life Skills Every Teen Should Master Before Going To College

The youngest of our five is about to be a sophomore in high school this year. And as I was reminiscing about how fast these last 15 years have gone for her, I realized that I only have a few more years left to make sure she is ready to take those important steps into her own adult world....more
I have a son in college and a son in high school. I've taught them to do laundry and how to make ...more

How To Get Natural Healthy Skin From The Inside Out

Many people don't realize that it isn't just the things you put on your skin that affect how it looks and the health of it, but what you put inside your body also affects it. If you eat things that are bad for you it can affect your skin in negative ways.If you notice more pimples when you usually don't have them it could be something you are eating. The same goes for duller skin ....more

Amazing Places to See (Near Seattle in Summer)...

It's officially summer!...more

Winner of the Graphic 45 Give-Away! 06 17 2015

I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Graphic 45’s guest designer...more

Avocado Salsa

Isn’t it interesting how in the winter you feel like you need to store up food, eat things that are heavy, filling and sometimes not even good for you and then in the summer you crave light, refreshing and healthy foods?  There is no doubt that you can get just as hungry in the summer as you do in the winter but for some reason, it just feels right to eat healthier during the warmer months.  Well, this is what I have been focusing on lately and I have been searching for recipes and ideas of things to fix that are quick, healthy and very tasty....more