Glossy White Mountain Frosting

When it comes to whipping up frosting, it’s always nice to have a few go-to recipes on hand that can be used for different decorating needs. ...more

10 Tips for Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is thought to be the very first National Park in the world, and it’s also the home of the biggest supervolcano on this continent! The whole area is a true wonderland from 10,000′ peaks to erupting geysers, and everything in between! There’s a little something for everyone in Yellowstone, and it’s the most diverse in terms of scenery that I’ve ever seen ....more

Friday Favs 4/17/15

Some of my favorite new submissions this week. ...more

Movie Review: ‘The Squeeze’ Golf Story Starring Michael Nouri, Christopher McDonald, Jeremy Sumpter

Michael Nouri in “The Squeeze” In “The Squeeze,” Augie, played by Jeremy Sumpter (“Friday Night Lights”) is a young golf phenom who comes to the attention of a gambler named Riverboat, played with aplomb by Christopher McDonald (“Boardwalk Empire”). Since Augie’s family life is in turmoil, he needs money, so he makes a deal with the devil (i.e., Riverboat), much to the dismay of his girlfriend, Natalie, played by Jillian Murray (an actress to watch). But then comes Jimmy Diamonds (played by Michael Nouri...more

Mommy Guilt: One teacher’s perspective

When you are a teacher there is so much added pressure when you have a child in school. Will they do well? Will you be judged by the teachers teaching your child? ...more

2-ingredient strawberry turnovers

It’s Friday! Eeeep! To celebrate, I am sharing the easiest, most scrumptious breakfast treat evaaaah ....more

favorite song friday: lay me down

The Sam Smith song "Lay Me Down" was already a hit, but its recent remix with John Legend is over-the-top great. Sam can certainly sing, and beautifully, but will someone please buy him a puppy? Enough with the heartbreak tunes already, guy ....more

Creamy Penne Pasta with Zucchini, Pancetta and Ricotta Cheese

Perfect one-dish dinner, ready in less than 30 minutes Creamy and rich penne pasta with wholesome zucchini, flavorful pancetta and delicate ricotta cheese. Here is another recipe great for a family dinner on a busy weeknight....more

Geococcyx californianus

We had a visitor yesterday. It began by tapping on the glass panel of the back door last night. TBG heard it on his midnight saunter to the 'fridge ....more