Young Maria Theresa as Queen of Hungary

From Tiny-Librarian. To quote: In this painting, we see Maria Theresa as the queen of Hungary, although not in the Hungarian attire typical in such a depiction. Instead, she wears a white silk, royal gown decorated with embroidery ....more

Saturday Spotlight #4

Welcome back to the Saturday Spotlight!...more

Between Being Busy and Being Numb

I keep thinking about how I really want to show you videos of Christmas and I record video of fun things around the house, but I have not had time to put anything together for you to watch on my YouTube Channel. I miss doing that.Videos.It's fun for me to show you how my life is in real action.I love to write, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I just can't capture things in words the way I would like to.Making movies is fun.Nothing professional, mind you, just good ol' home movies.In fact I noticed that the LDS Film Festival is coming up this March and they have a section for short films (like 2 - 5 minutes) that anyone can enter in and I got so excited about the idea of making a little film documentary about Fragile X in my world.I'm too busy with things...Well...Sometimes I'm busy, but I just sit in a numb daze staring at the computer screen trying to focus on what I was supposed to be doing.But, between being busy and being numb, putting together videos just hasn't fallen into my list of to-do's.I want to though.Maybe you'll see a little Christmas recap by Spring and maybe next year I'll get in a little Fragile X Documentary for the LDS Film Festival.Who knows.Anyway, today was one of those days where it was decent, no awful things happened, no out of the ordinary occurrences and nothing that would really cause me to be down.But, I just felt numb for whatever reason.Depression can do that to you.It's weird that way.Your life is great but it tries to remind you of your struggles and pain just, well, because.Really, I have nothing to complain about.I mean Brother did miss the bus this morning. I had to change both the girls' bed sheets ....more

Moving Day!!

I bet you never thought you would see the title of a blog post that says moving day and it would be my blog did you?? ...more

Bad Habits: Firearms Edition

So, 2014 set a shameful record: most guns in carry-on bags seized by the TSA. Worse yet, over 80% of them were...more

Product Review: Lara Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

My Product Review of the Lara Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor The Look: A medium sized bar with a cream color and tiny flecks of chocolate chips. The Taste: It may be the best one yet, it has great flavor consistency with no strong date flavor. Overall: It tastes like a cookie! ...more

How to Paint Loose Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor portraiture has got to be one of the trickiest things I do. Portraiture is such a difficult subject matter to paint--miss one proportion, go a little too heavy on a lip color, create a hard line that's less than flattering--and you're left with a painting of an undisclosed person. So how do you let go and paint a person as if it's fun and flowing? ...more

Ask Jo: Cinder Block

You might remember our Cinder Block quilt that was featured in a recent issue of Quiltmaker. Well I recently got a question about the quilt from Eileen…”Hi, I saw this pattern in “Quiltmaker” and I must make it!! ...more

Laundry Symbols Made Simple!

WELCOME to “Save My Sanity Saturday” at One Good Thing By Jillee….where I attempt to avoid having a nervous breakdown by actually giving myself a day off from blogging once a week! Please pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy an “oldie but goodie” from the One Good Thing By Jillee archives. —-Originally posted on January 8, 2013—- A couple of weeks ago I bought a sweater for my husband...more

President Jonathan Moves To Postpone February Elections By 6 Months?

President Goodluck Jonathan, is actively working on plans to postpone the general elections, earlier scheduled to hold February 14, according to SaharaReporters. This is based on the fact that the National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki, had publicly called for the postponement of the elections on a couple of occassions.The NSA initially made the call while speaking at a Chattam House lecture in London on Thursday, January 22, saying that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was yet to distribute Permanent Voters Cards (PVC), to all eligible voters. During a BBC World Service radio interview broadcast on Friday, January 23, Dasuki, again repeated his call for the elections to be postponed.Continue reading » ...more