My Top 9 Inspirational Books (For Mind, Finances, and Body) + My Winter Favorites

I believe that nothing in life stands still for a long time. It either grows or shrinks. Improves or deteriorates ....more

Quote of the Week

“Be a yardstick of QUALITY. Some people aren’t used to an environment where EXCELLENCE is expected.” – Steve Jobs The other day Josh’s soccer team had a parents meeting. His new team is pretty hard core and the intensity is only increasing as we ramp up to the summer outdoor season ....more

5 Lingering Parental Questions about the Movie Frozen

The post 5 Lingering Parental Questions about the Movie Frozen appeared first on Sammiches and Psych Meds ....more

3 No Brainer Ways to Earn Extra Cash Doing Things You Already Do

Let's start with the basics: How can you make money on the things you already purchase?Here are 3 No brainer ways to earn cash doing things you already do AND its all FREE!1. EbatesIf you shop at any of the following stores online, you can earn cash back by going through Ebates....more

Growth Mindset: The Power of “Yet”

“Yet.” A powerful three-letter word that means, “an implied time, still, even or nevertheless”. There...more

HIV/AIDS in AMERICA - The Stigma, The Misconception, The Reality

HIV/AIDS in AMERICAThe Stigma, The Misconception, The Reality A sweet and familiar song begins to play as various people throughout the crowd begin to stand with large white posters in their hands. As they walked the room slowly, I felt the tears begin to well up in my eyes. I was trying my best to keep it together. The presenter said that each year those infected by HIV/AIDS participates in a presentation in order to save someone else’s life....more

Hearth and Soul Blog Hop: February last week

Welcome to the Hearth and Soul Hop! we are looking forward to recipes using healthy ingredients, family and comfort food recipes, real, local and sustainable food, organics and gardening but we will now also be asking you to share your posts on family, kids, crafts, homemaking and DIY as well as any posts about healthy […] The post Hearth and Soul Blog Hop: February last week appeared first on Zesty South Indian Kitchen ....more

How to know if your baby is teething (Symptoms and Remedies)

 My baby was only 3 months old, and from what I read online, he was definitely teething. But, how could that even happen at 3 months?  He drooled and drooled and drooled some more. He practically wore a bib the whole day, because oh how much he would wet his onsie. He was also chewing on everything he could get his hands on. I checked his mouth. No teeth.He was 6 months old, and still, no teeth. How could this be? I was so sure he was teething....more

There is a Face to Violence Against Women

Copycat Shamrock Shake

There’s something about St Paddy’s Day that really makes me happy every year. Maybe it’s my Irish ancestry (though doesn’t EVERYONE claim Irish ancestry on St Patrick’s Day??). Maybe it’s that I really like the color green ....more