Stop Fixating on HIM and Focus on YOU!

Let me tell you a bit about one of my clients, I’ll call her Molly.Molly came to see me towards the end of 2009. She’d been divorced for six years and in all that time hadn’t stopped obsessing about what her ex-husband was up to. In the beginning, she would talk about only one thing…...more
Great advice, Adele! It's so important to take care of ourselves during this stress of divorce. ...more

Brown Butter Maple Nutmeg Cookies

Brown butter maple nutmeg cookies are so nutty and full of festive spice, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Make them immediately! Are you in full-on, cookie-baking-machine mode yet? ...more

Taming Holiday Tempation

 December 11, 2014By Dr. A...more

No Christmas Spirit Here


Favorite Apps!

One of the best things about the tablet that Intel sent me awhile back is the ability to have some useful apps! My iphone is very old and I can't use most apps with it. So, it's been fun to have some useful, fun and educational things on my tablet ....more

Dumb Stuff I Have Bought on Amazon (and One Really Cool Thing)

Do you want to know the main reason Christmas gets on my nerves? ...more

A Holiday Survival Kit

December is one of my favorite months of the year....more

Choosing a Goal Race

The start of this week was a little rough for me because I spent close to the entirety of my weekend holiday partying. And not just holiday partying, but brewery holiday partying. Which, my friends, adds a whole new level of fun and exhaustion to the typical seasonal soiree ....more

Monkey Bread

If you want to make your family really happy on Christmas morning, you need to consider making this monkey bread. ...more

The Story of Santa

‘Tis the season. And so the muppets explained the story of the Fat Man to me. Search: Did you tell Santa about our new address so he’ll bring the presents we talked to him about? ...more