Gratitude Project: Grace

My first thought when I opened my computer this morning was, “wow, I’m really terrible at blogging every day”. Of course, that makes me grateful, because I’m so glad for grace. I’m terrible at rules and rigidity ....more

How to Make Cream Eyeshadow with Lotion Part 1

I am so excited to bring you my very first blog series this week! ...more

Angelina Jolie Stuns With Husband Brad Pitt At Premiere of Her Movie Unbroken

Angelina Jolie is being supported by new husband, Brad Pitt at the world premiere of the Jolie directed film "Unbroken" at the State Theatre in Sydney on Nov. 17, 2014. This is the first time the couple are walking the red carpet together as a married couple.Continue reading » ...more

Roasted Persimmon Scones (Vegan)

The blushing red leaves on the blueberry bush in my yard are finally starting to fall, battered by cold wind. They’re clinging, though. Rebels against the yearly cooling ....more

Cooking Light’s We ❤ Cooking: Totally Tasty Food for Kids Review and Giveaway

Last week I received another fantastic cookbook from Cooking Light. In their latest cookbook, Cooking Light We ❤ Cooking!: Totally Tasty Food for Kids, the Editors of Cooking Light have teamed up with 12-year-old twin chefs Lilly and Audrey Andrews. The book is meant to get kids in the kitchen and excited about making healthy food that isn’t necessarily kids food ....more

Daily Squat Challenge

Baby, it is cold outside! We are experiencing abnormally cold weather in Austin. I am avoiding going outside right now ....more

The Best Turkey Gravy

A nice dark roux is the secret! As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts recently, we’ve updated some of our Thanksgiving recipes in the last few years. We have all become better cooks over the years, plus our tastes have changed somewhat and of course there is always that food blogger gene that can never let well enough alone ....more

Kid Room Progress | San Diego House

Time for an update on the kid rooms, especially since I’ve started changes things around...more

Picture Dump

Looks like I have let my blog slip past me and it's been close to two weeks since I last updated! I feel like we've been home just living life, but things are just busy! Between our weekly routine of music class and the library and playdates, and then just our normal old play time at home, it just feels like life is flying by ....more

Sunday Update, Giveaway, Gift Guide Link Up & Bonus D.I.Y Skincare.

 Hello!!! So this is a post to update you on a few things. At the end I included a bonus flashback post that is my highest viewed post ever. So I thought all my new followers might enjoy it, if you have not already....more