Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Cutlets with Cherry Tomato Panzanella

Fall officially started this week...more

Fall Dresses For Party Time

Many, Many Thoughts on Working Out of the House

David's grandma and I were in the living room with the girls, and Zuzu was taking care of some baby dolls. Baby Maria got a bottle of mama-milk. Baby Dawn was tired and needed to take a nap ....more

Curing the hate flu

One day last winter I stopped at a drug store. It was early morning.   The cashier was the only one working, moving slowly. The man in front of me was getting increasingly irritated and the line was getting increasingly longer. As tension built, the cashier fumbled even more. When the man got to the cashier, he began to tell her off as she rang in his purchase....more

Chocolate Ricotta Layer Cake

Supremely moist, rich, and decadent Chocolate Ricotta Layer Cake. Dangerously delicious! Well hello, gorgeous ....more


Office by thelifeoftheparty featuring stacking baskets Home Decorators Collection white desk lamp / Pigeon Poodle stacking basket / Blue home decor / West Elm wall art / West Elm wall art / Crate and Barrel small item storage / Handcrafted furniture / Gubi wooden kitchen chair, $300 ...more

Law of chastity

Quotes and where they come from: I like to trace the footnotes and get to the source. I actually learn alot in the footnotes. The notes in the book, The Words of Joseph,...more

Women’s Issues Are Family Issues, and Family Issues Are Economic Issues

A funny thing happens when you work on behalf of children and families. You start noticing how often politicians dismiss the problems you spend your time thinking about. ...more
What about men, Mme Clinton?Don’t they matter to you? I can’t believe this!Nobody at the ...more

Glamorous Floral Gender Reveal Party

This breathtaking gender reveal party was submitted by Tica...more

Six Months

As of yesterday, Nora is six months old. Recently, I read back through all of my old blog posts and monthly updates when Sam was a baby and...more