Did you miss any posts while I was on vacation?

Did you miss any posts from the two weeks that I was gone?...more

First day of school 2015-16

Today was the first day of school for the Little Nies....more

AM Genie Out of the Bottle

Boy was I wrong about the data dump. Faster than you can say “Noel Biderman is shitting his pants,” free Ashley Madison indexes have sprung up everywhere. Want to check by Ivy League school? ...more

Birthday Blooms

Beautiful bright blooms. Brilliant sunshine streaming in. Light bouncing, dancing, catching, casting shadows, sparkling ....more

Eggless Chocolate Cookie cups with Ganache

Sometimes the efforts taken to get yourself cook something is more than the actual cooking time. It's exactly what happened in my case while I was thinking about this recipe. While I had so many other ideas thought for this theme, many things seem to happen at the same time that it never materialized.When I realized that I will not be able to make the other ideas that were supposed to be made, I finally thought the first day idea should be repeated with making a cup with those cookies ....more

Vazha Pindi Thoran Recipe - How to make Vazhaithandu Poriyal Recipe - Banana Stem Curry - Onam Sadya Recipes

If you are looking for more Kerala Recipes then do check Vendakka Thoran, Pumpkin Thoran, Beetroot Pachadi, Avial, Vazhakka Thoran, Sharkara Upperi, Banana Chips, Ada Pradhaman, Ela Ada, parippu Curry, Cucumber Kichadi and Ariyunda.Here's complete list of Onam Recipes. ...more

Simple Raspberry Lemon Cake

An elegant yet easy lemon cake topped with rings of fresh, juicy raspberries. The perfect combination of sweet and tart—and nobody will guess it’s healthy! ...more

American College of Rheumatology: What to Know Before You Go

I remember that very stress-inducing first appointment with a rheumatologist. Had I read an article similar to this one, I may have felt better prepared: What to Know Before you Go Symptoms with unknown causes are scary enough. Your first visit to a rheumatologist shouldn’t be ....more

Churro Waffles

These mini churro waffles are crispy and airy. They are easy to cook...more

Single-Serving Poptart Inspired Protein Cakes

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the recipe for Single-Serving Poptart Inspired Protein Cakes that was published in my column at bodybuilding.com. The cakes were extremely cakey and delicious, especially alongside (or dunked into!) a good cup of coffee. They fuelled some phenomenal workout so please do make them too! ...more