Holiday Travel and Gifting with Sonia Kashuk

'Tis the season for gift giving and holiday travel, so today I'm excited to share with you some wonderful ways to keep your beauty products nicely organized while you're on the road during the holiday season! ...more

The Cost of a PhD

From Quartz: It’s common knowledge that getting a PhD is hard. It’s meant to be. Some even say that if you’re not up all night working or skipping meals, you’re doing it wrong ....more

Christmas Tree Cupcakes #SecretRecipeClub

With an extra Monday in November, Secret Recipe Club is back with a special reveal day....more

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Oh you guys! I’m actually kinda sad that Nonfiction November is over today! I KNOW I can keep reading all the nonfiction I want, but, somehow, it’s just not quite the same ....more

To My Beautiful Child: The Ultrasound Tell Us Our Next Move!

To my beautiful child, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite weekend because I get to relax with family, eat lots of delicious food and relax, relax, relax. It's crazy to think you might be at our Thanksgiving table next year! We sure hope so ....more

Just Wrong.

I hope the people who doctored up that video to make it seem like Planned Parenthood sells parts of “dead babies” for profit are really proud of themselves. They goaded a crazy guy into killing multiple actually born people, including a cop. Worse than that? ...more

6 Ways That Sex Changes for Survivors of Sexual Assault

   I've been meaning to write this for a while, but I've been avoiding it for a number of reasons... the big one being that a lot of people I know read this....more

Healthy Breakfast Porridge

Are you looking to mix up your breakfast rotation? Do you eat the same thing day after day? I have a great recipe to add to your mix ....more

{Raw} Juice Pulp Pizza Base

The Haircut

FRESNOMy father keeps telling me about how much he likes the work his barber does.  Now, Dad has very little hair left at this point, so it’s not as if I expected his barber to be a corn row connoisseur or a faux hawk aficionado.  But when he told me that his barber charges only four dollars (plus tip), I was sold.  I decided to put up with my sideburns for a couple of months in order to get my ears lowered both competently and cheaply when I headed south to visit my parents for Thanksgiving....more