Chicken Babies

The bantam babies are hatching. They’ll probably all be yellow or black or some combination of yellow and black and it will be a few weeks before they begin taking on their colors. It’s going to be such an interesting mix ....more

Whimsical Modern Mermaid Birthday Party

This stunning WHIMSICAL MODERN MERMAID BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Heather Nolting of...more

Galaxy-Gram! Blue Ridge Beauty Buffalo Style!

It's our last workshop day in Amherst, New York! These ladies are troopers, and many have taken up to as much as three workshops with me in the past 3 days! Yesterday was a tough one with many segments rapid fire over the course of the day, today we are working at a slower more relaxed pace spending the morning four-patches, and this afternoon triangles using the Easy Angle ruler ....more

I have real kids now

Okay, so I've always had real kids, but around 7:30 a.m. today, this happened: I had signed them up for soccer this season last spring. And last week I found out that soccer starts at 8 a.m. on Saturdays. Because, you know, THAT'S what I need ....more

ApfelSTROHdel - a hot apple toddy with Austrian Stroh rum

I've been testing various recipes using the spiced Austrian rum, Stroh, and this autumn/winter drink was quite popular. The ApfelSTROHdel recipe is adapted from the Stroh's website (see here), and it's a witty play of words - think of the famous Viennese apple strudel or Apfelstrudel. ...more

The Greenwich Witch Bottle: self-help seventeenth-century-style

The Greenwich Witch BottleA spiritual self-help remedy dating from around 1650 in the form of an intact witch bottle was found during a recent excavation at Church Street, Greenwich. Amazingly both the bottle and its contents were intact. Intended to deflect evil from its owner, it had been personalised in such a way as to give a more intimate picture of its owner and her life in London all those centuries ago than she could ever have imagined. Read all about the bottle and its hidden secrets.  ...more

It’s More Mint Nail Love With Beauty Without Cruelty Attitude Nail Color In Mermaid

Press Sample By Sheila Arkee It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of mint green nail colors, and that is ever so heartily affirmed with the Beauty Without Cruelty Attitude Nail Color in Mermaid. However, I’m wondering if these shades should more appropriately be called sea foam green instead of mint? Ah, well ....more

Day 19: When I Think Of Home

Think of an environment where you feel surrounded by kindred spirits. What kind of people, vibes, places and things inspire you? ...more

Toddler Paintings turned Geometric Notecards

The menfolk are off texturing and painting at the new house, and so I'm home alone on a Saturday morning...watching a three year old whose love language is Elmer's glue. All the kid wants to do is cut (with big kid scissors) and paste (with Elmer's). This isn't my favorite kiddo activity ....more

Loving your (Infertile) Body

I remember in the early days of our infertility diagnosis I really struggled with my body. I felt trapped in this broken, empty shell that seemed so vibrant and full of life on the outside. In a moment of crazy despair I remember thinking that I just wanted the outside to match the inside ....more