Pregnant Woman Story of How Wicked Mother-in-Law Abandoned Her At Train Station Goes Viral

This very sad, true life story of a 3 months old pregnant lady who shared her story on reddit...more

Finding Your Voice

by Sarah Sullivan Finding your narrative voice is as fundamental to writing as breathing is to living. It is the element that imbues your work with personality and shapes the tone of your piece. A consistent voice weaves all the mechanics together and gives the reader an emotional connection to your story ....more

More books that aren't fiction

I've been anti-fiction lately. I have no real explanation. Fiction just isn't doing it for me these days ....more

Open, Sesame! Grilled Honey Sesame Chicken

Labor day may have passed. Perhaps there is no more wearing of white pants in your life. Maybe the sycamores are turning a fire-speckled...more

Some Things Don’t Matter.

I wanted to take a moment, to send out an encouragement. ...more

Fun Fall fashion Trends

A little while ago I talked about 4 fun fall fashion trends that I am looking forward to this season, each complete with an outfit I put together from Polyvore. Every piece was under $50 and each outfit was under $170! You could even enter to win a $100 JCPenney Gift Card in that post, so I’ll wait a second while you go check it out… ....more

6 Sneaky Ways to Fill Your Freezer

When I wrote all about our vegetarian month of freezer meals last year, I focused on a single bulk cooking weekend as the means to an end. This year, I've taken a much different approach, and it's one that I think you guys might be into. Instead of overwhelming myself with meal after meal after meal to freeze, I've built up our stash slowly over the course of a month (or thereabouts).Here are some sneaky ways to fill your freezer ....more

KEEP IT FUN......The Best Relationships Have Fun Attached to Them.....

I simply think the cause of many relationships going "South" is because most are not having enough fun......Fun brings people together and so it would seem that fun would also keep people together.....And yet, what I see in many relationships is anything but fun.....Just why is that so?...more

The Close Association Between a Career Placement Department and a Successful Medical Assistant Career - Explained

A medical assistant’s job offers a promising career, according to the US Department of Labor. This industry is set to witness appreciable growth over the next few years. And to be up to it, you must prepare well and make the right moves. There are three primary challenges if you want to take up a career as medical assistant:1)      Finding the right medical assistant course, based on your strength and interest2)      Finding the right medical assistant school that features quality, hands-on coaching....more