Very Aware of Breast Cancer, Not Keen on Pink

Because I have breast cancer, I've become a poster girl for the early detection of breast cancer, as a matter of fact. Take that stuff seriously, ladies!  I found my own lump by self-examination, which I've been doing for years.  Even then, I was skeptical, and waited before I saw my doctor.  I had a clean mammogram in May, I thought.  I'm Stage 2 right now, in October, five months later....more

Friday Favorites...Halloween


2 Ways to Prevent Military Identity Theft

You’d think that servicemen and women would be better protected than civilians from identity theft, but their risk is higher, since their Social Security numbers are used so often and also abroad. In Iraq, it’s painted on their laundry bags!Ohio wants to introduce a bill to stifle military ID theft....more

Golden Days and Hindsight Guilt.


Lying Little Girls Dropping F-Bombs Keep Feminism On The Fringe

FCKH8, a T-shirt sales company masquerading as an anti-hate activist group, is pretty freakin' good at using shock value and expletives to grab people's attention.  First, it was their race-y (pun intended) video featuring Ferguson, MO youngsters throwing around some major attitude about race relations in their "Hey White People!" video....more

Throw a Frugal Birthday Party


Late for school? Don’t mind if I do.

So, as of late, I have been suffering from postpartum depression. I know, I know. Whatever you are about to say, I’ve heard it. I’m getting a grip on it, or at least working at getting a grip. Regardless, treatment is besides the point of this particular post.The effects of PPD are very much the point.Yesterday, I had high aspirations. I planned to get out of bed when the alarm went off and go make some coffee. Guess what? I made it to the couch and returned to being lazy....more

Meth-Dealing Action Figures for the Kid in All of Us

 I don't want to break bad all over your Breaking Bad action figures, but who came up with the idea of meth lab action figures?...more

Bloggers Make Money with ShareASale

Aside from disclosure statements, I don’t usually discuss my money-making tactics on this blog. For a long time, the reason was that I wasn’t making any money from blogging. I’m still not making a ton, but for a blog that has less than 20,000 visitors a month, I’m doing really well. Actually, I have a whole post that I intend to write after the New Year that will go into detail about my affiliate programs, what I’ve earned, etc. For my first one, I just want to do a year-end review…mostly so I can show you how slow it was to get started....more

If I Were a Tree...

Bald Cypress treesDitch Pond, Open Pond Recreational Area, Conecuh National Forest near Wing, Alabama Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more