Slow Cooker Shredded Hoisin Beef Lettuce Wraps or Sliders from The Perfect Pantry

Hoisin Beef served in Lettuce Wraps is easy to make with the slow cooker! (Photos from The Perfect Pantry.) I love everything about this recipe for Slow Cooker Shredded Hoisin Beef Lettuce Wraps, Sandwiches, or Sliders from The Perfect Pantry, including Lydia's suggestion that if you have a Ninja Cooker you can brown the beef right in the slow cooker....more

The pregnancy test

Wal-Mart isn’t someplace I normally associate with life-changing moments. Although if you’re going to have a public freakout Wallyworld does have a lot to recommend it: Not only can you buy tranquilizers, Natural Calm and fuzzy socks (just me?) but it seems like there are always a bunch of people around to call 911 if you actually make good on your promise to pass out. Yet when I decided to start hyperventilating, I went into the bathroom to hide ....more

Vintage Crafting Shopping Roundup – A Little More Crochet (Part 3)

by Andrea Affiliate Links A bit of a switcheroo this week! ...more

Why Skirting the Issue?

(source) Over three years ago Elizabeth had a conversation one afternoon on the phone that I will never forget....more

Join blogher today

I Join blogher today,very happy....more


Press Sample LUSH Cosmetics is one of my favorite stores to walk into. ...more

Remake: Blue with Green Trim Dress

This lovely keyhole dress was a present from a pal of mine who was cleaning out her closet before moving. Spots! The shape was fun and flowy… Swing dress! ...more

mango chia popsicles

A sweet but healthy treat, these 3 ingredient Mango Chia Popsicles are full of pureed mango, coconut water and chia seeds. Ah, homemade popsicles. I’ve been bitten by the popsicle making bug and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite treats to make ....more

SSF New Blog Post

Who knew showers were better than baths for our eyes? Awesome shower curtain found here....more

More Thoughts on Teens and Driving

After my older son had his permit and was driving daily with supervision a long discussion on the homeschool high school chat list was had. I felt verified by the other's experiences that we made the right choice.One of the biggest problems was waiting until after the teen went to college when the teen lived at the dorm and sometimes out of state and far away was they were not able to do much driving with the permit! Thus if they had at 15, 16, 17 or 18 while living at home, gotten their permit they would have had more experience with practice.Some parents said that after they crammed the license in during summertime, if they lived in dorms they did not send their kid to college with a car and so the practice was not really happening after the license was granted either ....more