Free Printable Halloween Chalkboard Art

Hi everyone! It’s Andrea from The Cottage Market, hope your September is going fabulously. I bet many of you have started decorating for the Fall and to help you along with the upcoming Haunting Holiday of Halloween…we are excited today to be offering you a brand new 4 piece set of 8X10 Free Printable Halloween […] The post Free Printable Halloween Chalkboard Art appeared first on The Shabby Creek Cottage ....more

This Post Is Brought To You By The Colbert Report

In case you have not noticed, Fridays have gotten a little different here at The Dose of Reality. Instead of showing up and finding a Pinterest Nightmare, you are finding a random assortment of other topics. Let’s just say that … Continue reading → The post This Post Is Brought To You By The Colbert Report appeared first on The Dose of Reality ....more

Introducing: My Secret Luxury + The Science of Orgasm

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed some news that came out over the last week....more

Friday facts

1. The stereotype that girls are more dramatic than boys is totally true, in my experience, and this lovely personality trait seems to develop very early on in life. I'm pretty sure my 10-month-old is PMS-ing this week. 2....more

Trending: Hand Embroidery

Trending: Hand Embroidery - Anthropologie, how do...more

Five on Friday

1. Date Night!! Nick has been on a business trip most of the week and I've been flying solo with Hayden ....more


I'm having a "cop-out" day as we speak. There was a thunderstorm that decided to wake me up around 1:30 this morning and keep me awake until around 3, so I'm a little on the groggy side. My bedside table has been replenished with a fresh cup of coffee half a dozen times already this morning ....more

Weekly Wow's

Happy Friday! Well, the lack of internet and phone service continues into it's 16 day. After 2 new routers,we discovered that our...more

Self-drafted bra set

I just found out that a bra is not called ‘a pair of bra’! My apology if I was being confusing by talking about ‘a pair of bra’ and ended up just posting one. Where’s the other?! ...more

Archbishop of the Anglican Church Says It's Acceptable to Have Doubt, and Still Be a Christian

Some are coming for his head but I totally agree with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby who has said he sometimes has doubts in his belief in God.In an interview with BBC, ...more