Never Give Up: The Journey To Finally Completing My Degree

The scene on the train every day: My laptop open with my wifi hotspot on. My commute gave me over an hour of time to do school work and home work. It was instilled in me for years that I was supposed to get my college degree, but my path to this goal was far from typical ....more

Disney's Planes giveaway: what’s your parenting style?

Because I'm an INTJ-- a fixer-upper who's always game to look at new ways to improve life--- I'm always watching other folks parent, wondering if bits and pieces of what they do might help me be a better mom to my own kids. I think that's one of my strengths as a mom-- my willingness to think about what could work better, and my longing to always get better....more

The Beauty Mark Girls

Every so often, H and I get the opportunity to do a photo shoot with an amazing photographer. We like to do blog photos every year or so and we were so excited to work with Annie Randall. Usually Hillary and I do it all: the hair, the makeup, the styling ....more

Knock, Knock is Anyone Home? Why Don't We Feel Safe in Our Own Homes?

My local mom’s group listserv was on fire this last week....more

New Disney Movie Planes....we're ALL excited!

My little guy Connor (who's 5 years old) and my daughter Elli (who's 6), completely adored the movie Cars as little toddlers. Big surprise, right? I'm sure yours did/does too! Connor and Elli loved Lightning McQueen's speed, Mater's humor, and Doc Hudson's hidden past talent. They would race each other around the house, as fast as their stubby little toddler legs would carry them, and would impersonate different characters from the movie. But let's be real, that movie is equally enjoyed by my husband and I as well....more

The Cuban sugar missiles Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

The week’s big story is the North Korean ship loaded with antique Cuban armaments that was stopped at the Panama Canal. Alberto de la Cruz has named it The Cuban Sugar Missile Crisis. There are a lot of unanswered questions for which we may never know the answers ....more

Win $25 Mastercard — Hooty’s Giveaway

Click here to go enter the $25 Mastercard Giveaway!...more

Character Select: The End of a Cycle

There are no more babies in my house. In reality there haven’t been babies in my house in the better part of almost five months. Kaitlyn started walking before her first birthday meaning she’s been a toddler for a while now ....more

33% Off PPB Print ERGObaby Carriers [Free Shipping, Too]

Nordstrom is featuring a couple of Petunia Pickle Bottom print ERGObaby carriers in its Anniversary Sale. They’re 33% off at $96.90. Sightseeing in Chatelet...more