Tightwad Tuesday: Foyer Refresh with a $5 Chair

Weellll...that title was a tease because in all actuality the chair cost more than 5 bucks. Much more. I was so excited when I found it because it has great lines and was in sturdy shape ....more

"Will Brenna Think It's Cool?"

It was the calm after the storm last night, as we had just put Brenna to bed and were putting away dishes and doing all of the things that are much harder to do with an 19-month-old around.Connor had re-discovered a pack of dinosaur lacing cards and was hard at work on the kitchen floor as he wove the shoelace-type strings through the holes.As he neared the end of one string, he asked for my help, and we picked out a new yellow string to finish off the outline of the big green diplodocus. He pulled the last hole closed, and I began to exclaim due praise for his handiwork while he beamed. I said "you'll have to show Daddy after he's done mowing the lawn!" and to my surprise, he grabbed it and turned toward Brenna's room ....more

The Weight of Your Food and Your Appetite

Another Tuesday, another workout! My workout began with a 20 minutes on the treadmill that looked like this: 5 min. walk at 4.0 1 min ....more

Easy Marinara Meatballs Subs

Sometimes a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do. It isn’t always easy to get dinner on the table. In my opinion, it is much cheaper and healthier to eat at home, but we don’t always have time for a made from scratch meal ....more

Beach Vacay pt.2

Yesterday we went back to routines. We went back to taking care of business as usual and while the house smelled of bleach and the laundry was all folded and the pantry restocked and daddy arrived home sometime around 9pm from work and school matters, there lingered the smell of salty ocean and sand for all too short a time. And while the car still smells of the memories and new charted adventures we happily enjoyed being at home ....more

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm not going to say "you'll never know it's there!" because clearly, if you look at the cookie, well, you'll see it's there. If you eat it in the dark or blindfolded, though, it's true. You might not know it's there ....more

Is it Just Me…?

Pin it …Who is actually excited about the Royal Baby? I keep hearing/reading all these people poo-pooing it, but for some reason I’m really happy for Kate and William. I know this makes me sound insane ....more

Baked Crab Cakes

Some of my most memorable dishes involved crab. I often like to bake crab with butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. The result is anything but a simpleton in the realm of good eats – it’s fingerlickin’ delicious! ...more

Some real nasty Indian food…

Cool: being hungry and heading for delicious Indian food to feed the inner beast. Not cool: being hangry (hungry + angry) and heading to Indian food to feed the inner beast, only to find that you somehow picked the worst, worst Indian food restaurant in all of Berkeley, CA even though Yelp told you it would be awesome. Guys – is there anything worse than that? ...more

How The Wife And I Went For Pre-Engagement Counseling

That's right, I said Pre-Engagement. Not...more