Apple and Cheddar Grilled Cheese

I'm sure this is true of any area of the country that grows apples, but I feel like apple picking is an annual ritual here in Virginia that officially marks the end of warm weather. It confirms that we are in the middle of autumn and the quick slide into winter has already begun. When I was a kid, we went apple picking every year....more

More research that bullying and childhood abuse changes the brain

A psychologist at the University of Ottawa was frustrted that the media, policy makers and the public seemed to only pay attention to research on bullying if she could show that it created biological damage (vs. "just" psychological/emotion I suppose).She did a study in 2008 that showed that while boys who were bullied had higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) compared to boys who weren't bullied, girls had much lower levels of cortisol compared to girls who weren't bullied....more

Surviving my First Bareboat Charter Trip

A few minutes spent on any sailing-type website is pretty much enough to make you want to book your ticket to paradise. Who wouldn't want to spend a week out on turquoise waters, sailing from port to port? So when I was invited by a friend to do a bareboat charter in the British Virgin Islands it wasn't a hard decision. ...more

Love Hate Relationship: Hello, Blog

I have a love hate relationship that I must address.Hello, friend. The last time that I saw you was a little sad. Life felt heavy. I was having trouble finding funny. I needed a break from this. I could lie to you and say it's not you, that it's me; however, a true friend does not lie. It is tough love time....more

End the hate on college campuses

There is a growing problem in our nation on college campuses, the vilification of Jews. Any student who acts out against another because of their race or religion should immediately be kicked out of college and barred from receiving an education in the US from any university or institute for higher education. Why so harsh? ...more

Roasted Butternut Squash

Adopted: Why We Chose Open-Adoption & How it's Going

We have an open adoption. ...more

An Open Letter to Mothers

I'm going to be honest here......I used to judge mothers (that is until I became one). I didn't understand why some mothers did the things they did until I became one. ...more

Calendar To-Do System - Getting Stuff Done by Date

Ah- the  ever-present, never-ending to-do list.  Whether scribbled on designed, organizing sheets or typed into a smartphone app – but do we ever ever check everything off?  And then there’s the pile of papers to go along with it. If you’re a parent, this may be dominated by permission forms, tests, progress reports and volunteer forms to sign and return, presumably before the deadline. Then there's the sale you missed, the coupon that expired....more

Sweet Nothings

I was just trucking along, enjoying a nice day at work when it happened. A few co-workers passed me in the hall and excitedly announced there was dessert in the conference room, as they opened up their circle to usher me in.“Oh, thanks so much—but I’m good!” “What? Oh come on! A little sugar rush won’t kill you!” “No, it won’t—I agree—I just don’t have a sweet tooth.”...more