That one time, when we went to Colorado…

Once upon a time, not so long ago, 4 mamas parted from their husbands, children, jobs, and every other responsibility for 3.5 days. These 4 moms collectively parent 16 children, 11 of which are adopted, and felt no shame or regret for this decision. You see, the mountains were calling and they had to go ....more

How to remove a mole yourself!

Oh geez... I gotta admit: I was a bit scared to put this up! I found a super quick and cheap way to remove moles yourself! ...more

{BraveTV} Our Favorite Channel

{Some things never change : 15 Months} {We love the Aunties : 14 Months} {Someone was busy learning new tricks while we were in Montana : 13 Months} {Sometimes you just gotta ... : 13 Months} {Fish Kisses : 12 Months} {First Trip Down The Toy Isle : 12 Months} {Shaky Legs! 11 Months} {That hair ....more

Crab and Corn Cakes

These crab and corn cakes started out in a very different form. Originally, they were going to be corn fritters with a crab topping. Sounds great, right? ...more

Let's Go to Bed

Its a reality of midlife and motherhood that you are less likely to see 2:42 AM for vodka than for…well…midlife or motherhood, or both.Maybe you had a date night with your husband that involved driving 1.5 hours through a lightening storm to go to a sportbar to watch the fourth preseason game with hometown fans. He is a peach to do this for you, and will be justly rewarded. Later. Like when you don’t need your pillow more than anything else.Tuesday night it was a stomach ache. Not yours.Wednesday night it was a cat peeing on the bed. Sadly, yours. (Cat and bed)...more

Quartered Roasted Chicken with Chimichurri Sauce

Roasted chicken pieces drizzled with chimichurri sauce. Quartering...more

Brazil: U.S. fast food chains expanding

Anyone fighting the red tape has earned my admiration. Brazilians Welcome U.S. Fast-Food Chains in Slow TimesU.S. restaurants see opportunities among middle-class consumers despite Brazil’s economic downturn Banking on better times ahead, U.S. companies are taking advantage of the down market to woo new franchisees, snag bargain leases and expand while many local operators are pulling back. The draw: a Brazilian middle class estimated at more than 100 million people, many of whom love to eat out and have an affinity for U.S. brands ....more

Picky Eaters and Family Stress

Having a picky eater in the family can be super stressful for all involved: the picky eater themselves, the parents, the siblings – everyone....more

Hello September

It’s the best month of the year!!! September’s here!!! I’m not sure if I’m just conditioned from years of new school years starting in September, or if it’s because it’s my birthday month, but September has always been my 2nd “New Year.” First off, August was pretty great ....more

Will I Ever Post Again?

Sexy Nerd has a new phone that takes excellent photos, so we've been using it exclusively instead of lugging a camera around. We have photos from the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes, our recent trip to Hawaii, and many other blog-worthy events. In fact, we attended the opening weekend of the home parade, making it essential to post on my blog ASAP so it could serve as a resource for people ...more