I Went Soap-Free and I Liked It

I've gone soap-free. I like it. And I'm not alone. ...more
Definitely going to try this! I've been doing no poo for ten months and will never go back to ...more

Pack up a Picnic with a little help from GLAD

Who doesn’t love having a picnic? When the sun is out it’s all I want to do! For some reason food eaten outdoors seems to taste better so whenever the opportunity arises we pack up some food, grab our blanket and head for a picnic ....more

If Moms Wrote Math Problems

Mom’s spend a myriad of their mind assisting the kids with math homework. I’ve never found math to be easy, but now It’s become twice as difficult for a mathematical moron like myself. We need to understand the old math, well enough to explain the new math, all the while trying to figure out if the kids have ever even looked at these concepts before ....more

Changing the Narrative: Reporting On Native Americans

About 70 professional and citizen journalists gathered at the Allen Youth Center in Allen, SD to learn how to use their own voices to tell their own stories. ALLEN, S.D. — The word “media” often carries negative connotations in Native communities. There is a pervasive feeling of exploitation when mainstream media visits; looking at the poorest and the dirtiest is often the goal of those stories ....more

How To Add Detail To Furniture

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What Will Others Think?

From UnPickled Blog:I recently changed my hair colour from (monthly-salon-visit) blonde to (do-it-myself) red. The change was mostly motivated by convenience, and perhaps Julianne Moore played a role, too. When I had an actual hair colour of my own it was strawberry blonde, so neither one feels to foreign to me....more

God is Not Surprised By My Infertility

I was surprised by infertility.I remember a conversation I had with my husband shortly before I went off birth control.Tom: “I bet we’ll get pregnant super-quick.”Me: “Yeah, me too!”Looking back now, I laugh at how naive we were. Our infertility definitely took us by surprise, but not God. He knew it was coming. I’m not saying I believe He caused it. But he knew....more

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Marta Beast

Living up to her name. It's hard to believe it's already been over six months since the last time we spent several hours shearing our beloved guard dog Marta—until you look at her. It's time to get some more doggy downers from the vet and do it again before she gets more matted and the job gets even more difficult ....more

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

We ought to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, one of the most important Mexican holidays that is celebrated on this day. The victory of the Mexican army in what is also remembered as the Battle of La Puebla against the French. You'll find all sorts of mexican delicious recipes and famous dishes being cooked all over the U.S. to honor the Mexican heritage on this festive day. ...more

The Spiritual Gas Gauge

Have you ever run out of gas  or broken down on the side of the road? With newer cars today, the internal technology can tell you what's wrong with the touch of a button. We have a digital gas gauge, a message that comes up when it's time for an oil change. If you have a newer car, you are without much excuse if you let something go... Are you as in tune with your spiritual "gas gauge"?Read more on these thoughts here: http://thecaswellclan.blogspot.com/2015/05/if-your-spiritual-life-had-gas-gauge.html...more