Tax Filing For All The Last Minute Procrastinators

L Bee Note: This post is by the kind folks at Taxportunity. Enjoy!...more

More Pretty High School Stills of Yeo Jin Gu, Seolhyun, and Lee Jong Hyun in Orange Marmalade

Watching a talented child actor growing up nicely from age-appropriate roles is a treat for sure, but the real test comes with the first lead role that requires carrying the whole show and seamlessly tradition to being all grown up. … Continue reading → ...more

Which Veggies Will You Grow?

The tried and true -- or something new? Which veggies are you planning to grow this summer? Ah, summer ....more

Amaretto Crunch Dessert Shots

Almond cake soaked in Amaretto liquor, layered with glazed Marcona almonds and vanilla mousse. My homemade version of one of my favourite Mini Indulgences from Seasons 52 Click here...more

Saturday Spirits: Gin & Herbs Spring Cocktail

My favorite thing about Spring is the emergence of all the fresh herbs. This cocktail is the perfect mix of fresh herbs and the wonderful aromatics of gin. Ingredients Shaker Muddler Ice Rocks glass with Ice 4 Slices of Cucumber (3 for beverage and 1 for garnish) 1 sprig thyme for garnish 1 oz Basil & Thyme Simple Syrup (See recipe below) ½ oz lime juice ( ½ of freshly squeezed lime) 1 ¼ oz Gin 2 oz Sparkling Water (Or Soda Water) Directions 1 ....more

Aliens have taken over my teen... but she's fighting back

A friend once told me that parenting during the teenage years goes so much easier if parents remember that an alien has taken over their teen. ...more

Mermaid Nails

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I recently wrote an article about something that happened to me 16 years ago.  I was raped.  Sexually assaulted.  Molested.  There are so many words to describe what happened to me that night.  I had been drinking, and drunkenly went to the hotel room of an NHL referee, where he prevented me from leaving and forced himself on me, ignoring my attempts to stop him.  It has been republished on Huffington Post and in Australia on Mamamia....more

Dreaming of “warmer” white

Dreaming of “warmer” white Though the calendar is close to flipping the page to April and the season is officially spring, winter’s white stuff remains the key element in Connecticut’s outside landscape. With more snow falling today, it’s time to dream of the “warmer” white that will … yes, will … come with warmer weather. amaryllis ‘Christmas Gift’ amaryllis ‘Christmas Gift’ close up Inside warmth allows amaryllis blooms to brighten spirits ....more

Blood Orange and Fennel Salad with Fresh Ginger Vinaigrette

This salad is perfect for a spring detox, I don’t know about you but I always feel like cleansing come this time of year. And not just the body, but everything- the cobwebs and dust bunnies nesting in all corners of the house. The more intensely tangled cobwebs of the mind are trickier to clean out ....more