The Bloody Shirt

Routine FTW [Image Description:Close up of young man with beige skin& curly short brown hair, looking pensive.] We just returned from a San Diego vacation -- essentially Camp Grandma. These visits are generally golden times, especially during the summer when we spend large parts of our days as ocean-dwelling dolphins. My mother kindly lets our crew invade her close-enough-to-the-beach-to-walk home several times each year, so we've established routines like daily morning walks to the three round trip miles Best Coffee in San Diego, where Leo's parents can get caffeinated and Leo himself can get a scone.On our very first day, moments after this happy yellow shirt shot was taken, Leo tripped over a bump in the path ....more

Miami Supercon 2014, Part 2!

Time for the rest of my cosplay pics from Florida Supercon! Costumes were a bit sparse since we were only there Thursday and Friday, but I still have plenty of beauties to share: A fabulous Cruella and Harley. Harley's holding a giant pop gun ....more

Too big to give a fuck

Here is a little note for people on customer service: Every company I have ever worked with that has terrible customer service apologizes a lot and makes soothing noises in lieu of actually doing anything. When your company fucks up it does NO good to say how sorry you are and you empathize. ...more

Hot Weather Cooking Hack: Broken Noodle Salad

Depending on where you live - man-oh-man - it's been hot over the last week. I'm not ready for 90-plus degree days and humidity that makes the cats nap in the cool bathtub. ...more

What would you ask Tony Horton?

Hi guys! How’s your day going? I’m so happy you liked the barre burner! ...more

Greek Chicken Pita Pockets from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Cook the meat for these Greek Chicken Pita Pockets in the slow cooker, and keep the house cool!...more


I think retirement has been good for me.  A year later, I am standing slightly straighter, my smile more relaxed, albeit goofy.  I'm working on being natural and 'me'.  My vegetable beds look awesome, don't they?  I'm slowly excavating and recovering the lost part...more

VBS And Visitors

We will get back to our regularly scheduled book club next week I promise. ...more

Peach Pie with Lattice Crust

I used to be afraid of double crust pies. Pies are already high maintenance enough, and so to add a crust to the top seemed like a fool’s errand. It could rip ....more

Couple Love - Adanna Ohakim and David Steinacker Count Down to White Wedding

Adanna Ohakim and David Steinacker are one cute interracial couple [see couple love post]. They have already done their civil marriage, and now they are counting down to their church wedding!The beautiful bride shared the above picture on Instagram with the caption; I love you without knowing how,or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride ....more