Food For a Memorial Day Feast!

As always, I'm shocked by the quick passage of time. It feels like just a day or so ago I was talking about the beginning of the new school term, and now it's already time to start talking about Memorial Day weekend! Of course, that means I'm over halfway done with this quarter and to say I'm happy would be a gross understatement ....more

Neon Dots with Morgan Taylor

Press Samples Good afternoon everyone! ...more

Quick hoi sin chicken noodle wrap

Don’t be stuck over what to do with your leftover rotisserie chicken ever again! Stuff it in a wrap with rice noodles, some crunchy veggies, a bit of chili heat and some tasty hoi sin sauce! I do love buying rotisserie chickens ....more

Squash Blossom & Walnut Pesto Pasta Salad

Squash blossom & walnut pesto pasta salad can be served warm or cold. I shave in baby summer squash for a little crunch. Add some warm rendered pancetta or grilled shrimp or both for a heartier main ....more

Guest Post from Stellar Propeller: Are you a Traveler or a Tourist?

Hello, hello! How is everyone's Friday going so far?I am a part of a wonderful blogging community called Bloggish where I am able to connect with some really incredible bloggers all across the US. Today Colorado-based, Allison from the Stellar Propeller, is here to tell all about her travels and photography abroad! ...more

San Francisco Day Six: Golden Gate Park

We spent our last day in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park. After we easily secured some street parking near the entrance, our first stop was the Japanese Tea Garden. It's free if you enter before 10:00 on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday....more

A Talk About Nothing

Lena Reinhard You may have watched this elsewhere, but I found it impressive enough to add here as well. Its a very fine talk about the tech industry by Lena Reinhard at the first ever .concat() web development conference on March 7th 2015. Here’s the abstract of the talk ....more

7-Ingredient Red, White, and Blueberry Mascarpone Tarts

Grab yourself some blueberries, because I have a sweet little treat just perfect for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. These pretty little red, white and blue goodies have a sweet mascarpone filling and a fresh, homemade blueberry sauce. Top each with a fresh raspberry to create that patriotic look! ...more

Taste of Testaccio; Asparagus with Sesame and Lemon

Stories of our food tour, “Taste of Testaccio,” in Rome, as well as a recipe for delicious Asparagus with Sesame and Lemon (scroll to bottom if you are only looking for recipe)! Affiliate links have been used to link to products I am discussing. We’re here! ...more

Smoky Sunchoke and Cauliflower Soup

Sunchokes are the sort of ingredient that I extol frequently and purchase rarely. I don’t have a very good excuse for this, except for the fact that sunchokes–also known as Jerusalem artichokes–tend to dwell in farmers’ markets and grocery stores for only a short period of time each year, usually in the spring. If you don’t catch them while they’re in season, you may easily go a long time...more