Homemade Bath Oil

Please read my homemade disclaimer.

Throughout August and most of September, I was engaged in a fierce eczema battle. I was doing a lot of oatmeal baths, which was helpful (And easy to make, by the way.  Never buy an oatmeal bath.  Just put oatmeal in the blender.  Done.) and soothing, but not in any kind of long term way.  I came across the idea of a bath oil and played around with the idea of buying one. Of course, I chose to make one instead.  I found it here.

image1 cup of olive oil 
1 cup of castile soap 
1/4 each of almond oil 
jojoba oil 
grape seed oil 
1/2 cup of aloe vera juice 
1/2 cup of honey 
15 drops of tea tree oil* 
10 drops of lavender oil*




It’s easiest to just pour all of the ingredients into a 64 ounce bottle (I use an old glass juice bottle) and shake it all up.  And, it needs to be shaken up before each use, because the honey does separate and sink to the bottom.  Pour a cup or two into your bath water, depending on how full of water your tub is, and how badly your skin needs the help.  You’ll want to take a shower or at least rinse really well afterwards. 

Also, this is mostly a really affordable bath oil to make, except for the jojoba oil.  Jojoba oil is SO good for your skin, and I totally understand its addition in the bath oil.  And when I’m really battling the eczema I’ll always include it.  Otherwise, it is still a great bath oil without the jojoba, so don’t let the cost of that alone stand in your way.  If you don’t want to spend the money on it, just make it without it.  It is still great.

Really great.  When I started doing this during my latest battle I was finally able to sleep at night.  It provided SO much relief.  I will never not have this in my bathroom again.

For the record, my latest battle has mostly come to a close.  Whatever it is that grows in Virginia in late summer that makes me flare up, is dying with the cold weather.  I did have a little break out on my arm last week, and instead of bathing with the oil, I just used it like a body wash on the part of my arm that was suffering.  I let it sit for a minute before washing it off.  Worked like a charm.  I wouldn’t always do that though, or I’d go through it too quickly.

*You’ll want to make sure that you use therapeutic grade essential oils for this.  I get mine HERE.  They have quality oils at a great price.  And they aren’t even paying me to say that.


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