Homemade Cajeta and Baked Churros

Homemade Cajeta is so Addictive, and so Easy to Make!  Serve with a big basket of Baked Churros for Dipping.  If you like Dulce de Leche, you'll adore this Mexican Caramel Sauce, made with Goat's Milk!

Homemade Cajeta and Baked Churros | Baking a Moment

I have a few important questions for you:  Do you like donuts?  With cinnamon sugar?  How about caramel?

Pretty much a no-brainer, right?  Like, duh.  You're reading Baking a Moment, after all, so it kinda goes without saying I guess.

Now tell me, what are your feelings about goat's cheese?  That creamy, soft mouthfeel?  That hint of tanginess?  That almost chalky, clean quality it has, that you just can't quite put your finger on?

I absolutely adore it, and I can't ever get enough.  So, naturally Cajeta needed to happen in my kitchen, ASAP!

Homemade Cajeta and Baked Churros | Baking a Moment

Have you ever had cajeta?  Have you ever heard of cajeta?  It's Mexican caramel, like dulce de leche, only it's made with goat's milk!  Omg, you guys.  It's like heaven in your mouth.

Can we all agree that caramel, in general, is like, the best taste in all the land?  Ok now imagine a caramel that's just got the subtlest little difference.  It's just enough to make you go "Wow, that is really fabulous... and gee what is that I'm tasting...?"  It's goat's milk.  It's milk, but from a goat instead of  cow.  <-- I probably didn't need to explain that just now.  But it's true!  It tastes like the milk you are used to, but with the teensiest little difference.  Creamy, a little tangy, really clean tasting.  If that makes sense.  And simmered down for hours in a big pot with lots of brown sugar, it's positively transcendant.

Homemade Cajeta and Baked Churros | Baking a Moment

And that's really all there is to it.  It takes longer to make than my Simply Perfect Salted Caramel, but on the other hand, it's almost entirely down time.  Just let it simmer away and do it's own thing.

Homemade Cajeta and Baked Churros | Baking a Moment

The hardest thing is probably finding the goat's milk, but I didn't really even have too much trouble with that.  They had it at Whole Foods, but I actually found an even better selection at good ol' Shop Rite.  If you have a store near you that has a decent selection of "ethnic" foods, in particular Hispanic, go there.  Or a higher end grocery store with a lot of products for people with food allergies/sensitivities would be another safe bet.  Because goat's milk is often a lot gentler on the tummy than cow's milk.

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Homemade Cajeta with Baked Churros | Baking a Moment

So addictive!!! Just. Can't. STOP!

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