Homemade Chips! Non-greasy, No-fat!

Homemade Chips~No fat~any flavor you want!

Since implementing our clean eating plan we haven't really missed the things that aren't good for us, exccept chips. I knew that would be the one thing that was the hardest for my husband to give up,
But all is not lost, there is an alternative to purchasing the high fat potato chips in the stores.

Mastrad TopChips kit! It's so easy...it comes with the food slicer to slice the potato, then simply layer on chip maker and set in the microwave for three minutes.

Fat free crispy chips in three minutes. Add your favorite spices, and you're done! You can only do about 15 chips per tray, so it will take a bit of time to do the whole potato. Totally worth it. No greasy fingers, and totally healthy!


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