Homemade Organic Baby Food

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Before Odette was even born I was so excited to make her baby food from scratch! With all the chemicals and preservatives in regular baby food nowadays, I wanted to actually know what was in my baby’s food. I’ve been making purees for several months now and it is sooo easy. With some simple preparation at the grocery store and an afternoon in the kitchen, I know Odette will be eating the healthiest, purest foods I can provide for her!

I try to buy organic (unless it isn’t possible) because I don’t want pesticides to overwhelm her little body. I know organic foods are more expensive but if you shop around you can find some great deals. The best places I have found for cheap organic foods are Trader Joe’s and Costco. Trader Joe’s has a wide variety of organic fruits and veggies and I find that they have the most realistic prices compared with other grocery stores. Costco is my go to place for organic chicken, grass fed organic beef, frozen veggies, and occasionally organic fruits. I’m so glad Costco is finally getting on the organic bandwagon!

If you still think organic food is too expensive, just follow the clean 15/dirty dozen rule. The 15 items in the clean column have a lower amount of pesticides and the 12 items in the dirty list have the most pesticides on them. If you forget your list just think about which fruits/veggies have the thickest skin? Avocados have a thick skin, so therefore they have fewer pesticides sprayed on them. Whereas, strawberries have a lot of pesticides because they don’t have a thick skin to protect them. Here’s the clean 15/dirty dozen list:


Sweet Corn                                          





Sweet Peas                                          








Sweet Potato









Sweet Bell Peppers




Cherry Tomatoes

Hot Peppers


I usually break up making all of Odette’s baby food into two days because it can take a LONG time to steam and puree everything. This grocery trip I bought carrots, broccoli, kiwi, bananas, rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, avocados, peas, vegetable medley and blackberries. Since Odette is almost ten months old I have to make a lot fewer purees but these are still great to have in the freezer if she can’t eat with us.


1.       Cut up all fruits into chunks. If you have a very high powered blender like a vitamix     you don't have to cut up everything quite as small (I LOVE my vitamix so much!).


2.       Steam veggies such as broccoli, peas, corn, etc.


3.       Bake potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. in the oven.


4.       Cook brown rice and quinoa in a rice cooker or the stove (whichever your preference!).


5.       Put whatever combos you want in the blender and blend.


6.       Taste test! (Yeap, I’m that mom who tries all her baby’s food!)


7.       Fill ice cube trays, pouches, etc. with food and freeze remaining portions of baby food. We have the infantino squeeze pouches and they work great!


The best part of making baby food is you can make whatever combos you like! Introduce as many nutritious foods to baby as you can and reintroduce foods that baby may be hesitant to at first. Most of the time Odette was fine with a food after 2-3 attempts (with the exception of peas, she still hates them!). These pre-measured portions are great to have in the freezer. Just take out a few and set them in the fridge the night before and they’ll be ready to heat up the next day!

Odette is starting to eat little chunks of banana, pasta, etc. and this stage is really fun! Although it takes more time to clean up around her, it’s still fun watching her eat by herself. I hope you enjoy making these baby food purees as much as I do! Happy cooking with baby!!


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