Homemade Pot Pies

So very excited about my homemade potpies I just made.They are so Autumn, So cool weather so hot mug of coffee.The other day my lovely husband very gently pointed out that we really needed some new dinner ideas. To anyone else this would be cake, for me not so much. I a cooking for a 6 yearold, 2 yearold, and a 37 yearold. Our menus in restaraunts are even different why would cooking at home easy. Sitting in my doctors office ,flipping through a magazine I spotted a recipe for homemade potpies. Now I don't know about you  but I tend to get very annoyed at store bought pies. They tend to be soo good when you first heat them up and as you dive into them often times they are stone cold in the middle. NOt mine, I took my time making these bad boys and they were definitely picture worthy.


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