Homemade Vanilla Extract: The Conclusion

was having some issues earlier with my homemade vanilla extract
that temporarily lead me to believe that I had mucked up the entire
project and had not only wasted two perfectly good vanilla beans, but
also perfectly good rum.  It just wasn’t getting that dark color we
usually know vanilla extracts to have.  It looked like tea, and that
wasn’t what I had expected.  Luckily, the internet is rich with the
information that I needed and I discovered that, for this virgin batch,
it is perfectly normal for the color to be light.  Just to be safe, I
added two more vanilla beans to my bottle, ($6 from the World Market)
and waited the full 8 weeks before I started using my extract.  It
still is very light and when I smell it the predominant smell is still
rum (of the memories of high school that come flooding in from that
scent) but it is a usable product.

I wanted to give it a first try in a dish where I could tell if it
had a vanilla taste to it or if I was just using tinted rum:  French
Toast.  I always add a swill of vanilla extract to my egg wash for
French Toast for a little extra flavor.  I was very happy when I served
this breakfast and it tasted exactly as it always does.  Needless to
say, I was feeling very pleased with myself that I had whipped up a
HUGE batch of homemade vanilla extract for a fraction of the price of
the store-bought stuff.  You really ought to try this out.  I give it
my stamp of approval (like that means anything).


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