Homeschool heart-to-heart + Vision & Goal Setting

Homeschooling our five daughters (two of whom have special needs) has been the biggest undertaking I've’ experienced to date.  It has required that I drastically adapt my responses and self-correct my inbred tendencies.  It has required me to daily set fire to my selfish ways.  It’s been a journey.  Sort of like going up a rocky mountain but I’m in a range rover so it’s not too bad ;-).  I’m pretty sure my life has the makings for a good reality show ;-).

I digress.

I hadn't always been home.  I've read all the mommy-wars.  I’ve had the awkward conversations with concerned family members.  I've tested every desire that jumps into my mind to see if it compared equally or higher than the anticipated future reward that comes with homeschooling.  I’ve assessed how it could make my life easier to “drop ‘em off” and some days I find it eerily tempting.  On some days they even get threatened with being “put it school”.  Yeah, I know that’s not the best thing to say ‘cause "seasons change" but don't judge me.  I’m sure you too say or do things that someone else might not deem “the right way or the right approach”.  I’m part rebel so I swing from a different tree, float on a different boat and well, I guess, in a sense, homeschooling kind of fits. Kind of.

I digress.

I thought I had undressed & cleansed the underlying issues of my emotional & spiritual self but I wasn't fully exposed until I began homeschooling.  It has been during these past six years that I've’ been able to see all the hidden crud that still needed purifying.  Each year I glow a little brighter.  To God be the glory for his work in my life.

Let me give it to you straight though--- on some days homeschooling is blissful.  On other days it’s a burden.  But for most days it’s just life.  It’s as natural as breathing.  Nothing magical, nothing terrible, it just is.  I’d assume these types of high’s, low’s and in-betweens are days that everyone experiences no matter what line of work you're in.

People often tell me,“they don’t know how I do it”, I often don’t feel like I respond well to the statement.  I usually tell folks,“I only make it with lots of prayer and bible study”.  And this is the truth but those few words fly out of my mouth way easier than the action actually occurs.  Strengthening your spiritual muscles takes discipline, dedication and a plan.  I truly have no other explanation for the “how” of doing it...But God.

Homeschooling and staying home doesn’t come naturally for me.  It’s hard work actually.  As I said earlier, I’m only part rebel.  You see I was raised by my hard-working maternal-grandmother; who worked a day job and worked her own business in the evening hours to make-ends-meet.  From my father’s side of the family I’ve learned that I come from a long line of hard-working, college educated, independent women who not only rock out their lives but create change for their communities as well.  I digress.  Being a homeschool teacher is hard work for me; it goes against what I saw growing up, what’s written on my DNA and what I see from majority of our culture.  I actually find it very challenging to be teacher and mother and homemaker and entrepreneur and wife and chef and housekeeper and psychologist and spiritual guide.  All of that usually happens simultaneously in a 17 hour period of time.  It’s been a continuous work in progress; a slow art project indeed. But. I’m starting to see buds from the seeds I’m planting and it feels kind of good. It feels kind of like getting a pay raise or maybe more like receiving some accolades on a job well done or like getting a new title at work.  Yeah. It feels kind of good.

Here’s the sobering part *there’s always a sobering part, right?*, we all know that with more pay or a new title you get something else…more responsibilities.  In some ways, you get to relax a little, take a breather, kick back-put ya feet up but not for long because there is a new type of work to be done and likely, for a season, a lot of the old will be mixed in with the new.


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