Homeschool or Old School? Debunking the Myth of the Unsocialized Homeschooler

I answered the door at dad’s house. We were having some work done so the kids and I were there homeschooling for the afternoon.  A woman was at the door. As I walked out with her to explain what needed to be done, she looked back and saw my three kids standing there very curious but politely watching. “Why are you all out of school today?” She asked with a nice smile. My 9 year old replied, “We are homeschooled.” And that woman’s smile turned into a snide “Oh!” She turned and gave me a quick dirty look and then face changed back to an appropriately polite face   After all – I would soon be writing her a check for $380.

You see this stuff happens all the time – and thanks to the mass populous my kids are aware of it too.  I mean – how many of you had your school choice be the brunt of a joke in Horton Hears A Who?  “He is pouch schooled.”

After last week’s post – I had a handful of people in our community and strangers online who contacted me. Most of them were parents with autistic kids. Most of them said their autistic kids had no friends.  One mom said, “She is tolerated at school, but does not have friends”.  One parent said, “He has never had a friend and is in high school now. How did your son have a different experience? “

So I had to think about that. It’s difficult to answer any questions about spectrum kids because they are all so different.  There is no standard one size fits all. However I definitely can see patterns in the friendships my son has built.  Most of his friendships come from our homeschool community.

Yes homeschoolers – those unsocialized children.  Read More

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