Is homeschooling the answer to bullying?

“I am not pro or con homeschooling. I am only pro or con MY kids being home schooled. It is not a route we will take.” Tamara Bowman from

Good morning Loves.  This is the very first post in our new series Say What?!  This is where we get two lovely bloggers opinions on a current hot topic.  Although I am sure you love reading my sassy opinions on absolutely everything and anything, I have to learn that my opinion is NOT the only one that matters.

With the terrible subject of school kid bullying always present in the news I am so sad to see that bullying still exists in school yards all across the country.  I wasn’t greatly bullied as a young child, but I wasn’t a cool kid either – I fit somewhere in the middle.  I was not the most attractive little girl on the block, I wore glasses and I was overweight – so to say that I didn’t have a lot of friends would be an understatement.  I did have friends, but I never actually felt like I fit in.

I can’t believe that bullying still exists

I am so sad to see that children around the world have not evolved over the last 20 years since I graduated from elementary school.  I honestly can’t believe that kids are mean to each other based on how they look or how they dress, but I guess that just makes me naive.  Kids can’t control their lives, they don’t make money to buy their clothes so to be bullied based on something they can’t control just seems so ridiculous.

I wish that kids could grow up in a happy environment both at home and at school

I never actually considered the option of home schooling, but now that I am older and I think about the immediate and long term impacts that bullying can have on a child’s emotional and mental well being I am starting to think that the world may just be a better place if more kids were home schooled.  But there lies the question – who should be home schooled, the bully or the other kid?

I don’t actually have kids so I reached out to two very awesome moms to get their opinion on the subject.  Tamara Bowman from Tamara Camera and Lisa and Ashley from The Dose Girlswere happy to give us their opinions on the subject of homeschooling.

Homeschooling vs. Public school – How to save your kid

The social aspect. There is so much more than just text book learning that comes with a public school education says The Dose Girls “We both feel like our children benefit greatly from the social aspect of school even when they are struggling with it. It is definitely an important part of attending school.”

Homeschooling children ensures they won’t be bullied, but they may be missing out on more important life lessons.  Learning how to interact socially and work in groups helps kids develop their personality and grow into the person they want to be.

The health issue.  Obese children are a reality that we face today and that is just NOT OK.  Cooking our kids’ meals at home ensures they eat three well balanced meals every day.  Subscribing to monthly healthy boxes like KLUTCHclub gets a box of healthy snacks delivered right to your door each and every month – then all you have to do is drop them into your kid’s lunch box and send them off to school.

Safety issues.  It has to be terrifying as a parent to always wonder if your kid is going to make it home from school safely.  Security is a major concern of public schooling says The Dose Girls “Schools and parents need to be working together from a very early age to teach our children about bullying. The effects of (bullying) can be lifelong; we talk to our children every single day about kindness and consideration for others.”

Tamara Bowman agrees but admits that homeschooled or not the safety of her kids is always a major concern” These days, I am concerned about bullying and safety in any public places.”

Would you home school your kids?

Love Always.

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