Homewreckers and the Men Who Love Them

     There is no denying the times are changing, but do you realize just how different things really are? I mean when I was younger traditional marriages were looked up to. They were the epitomy of happiness in adult life. Girls dreamt about their wedding gowns, their diamond rings, and of course the handsome gorgeous guy in the tuxedo. But what exactly is that other girl doing to YOUR husband? Is she actually flirting with him?

      The answer is YES! There is a new breed of woman now-a-days ladies and her name is the "homewrecker." Of course THAT'S the nice word. I'm sure you ladies who have experienced this kind of trauma in your marriage have many creative names for this kind of woman. I am not saying of course the men are not to blame, he did take the vows, not her, but that is her excuse. Why should she worry about your marriage since she is not MARRIED to you?

     I'm becoming increasingly aware that there are women who actually prefer married men over single men. They literally seek out married men to be with. Why? Is it the chase, the difficulty level, the satisfaction of being his little secret? I personally believe they have low self-esteem. They are looking for a cheap thrill and just want to ruin lives. I find most have no self-respect and no regard at all for the parties involved in this dirty charade of lies and deceit.

      My advice to the "homewreckers" out there is there is someone out there who will love you. A man who will show you how much you mean to him. Stop this cycle now because seriously, it's getting out of hand. The only one in the end who usually gets hurt is the "homewrecker' because men hardly ever leave their wives for their mistress. It's a known fact.

      Show others the same respect that you would want to be shown. Chances are that if you tried to take a husband away from his wife, someone else will try to take yours.


xoxo Lauren B. 


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