Homophobia & Sexism: Women's Soccer Deserves Better

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(Editor's Note: With the Women's World Cup underway, and the recent announcement that the Nigerian national women's team removed lesbian players, now is a good time to take a look at FIFA's policies regarding homophobia and sexism. Blogger Keph Senett, a Canadian whose passion for travel and soccer have led her to play the beautiful game on four continents, tackles some of the issues.~ jane)

Women's Football Deserves Better

Sports fans are an indulgent lot with our obsessive statistics, our gang colors, and our willingness to entertain a well-told fable, like the one about Paul the octopus who could flawlessly forecast game outcomes. With the recent kick-off of the Women’s World Cup, I have another, less fantastic story to tell, and it’s one that just might help you with your match predictions.

The equation of women’s athletics with latent lesbianism is nothing new, and soccer is ground zero for salacious locker room tales. There’s an old joke that asks how to avoid sleeping with everyone on your soccer team. The answer: Join a men’s league.

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