Homosexual lifestyle and the NFL

The NFL Draft has come and gone. The first openly gay player was drafted in the seventh round to the St. Louis Rams. When Michael Same came out as being gay, it was nothing new for most of the world. It seems the media went nuts because he plays football, deemed a MANLY sport. Now look, I am sure their have been countless gays in pro sports and just chose not to talk about their personal life. Frankly, it is none of anyones business what their sex life is about. I think what has everyone up in arms is the fact that ESPN captured Mr. Sam kissing his boyfriend and they aired the piece. People screamed that my children saw this, well you are the parent you should have known this might happen. What difference does it make? Why does everyone have to judge a man they know  nothing about. It broke my heart that people wished awful things to happen to him and they are first to shout they are christians. Look, it is not up to us to Judge. I personally do not care what and who you are. What I do care about is the kindness and greatness you bring to the table.




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