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In the quest to keep myself from turning into the mommy who sits on the couch with curlers in her hair, chain smoking and yelling at FOO to "get mama some more peanut brittle, damn it!", AND to work off some of the flab I have gained in the three week exercise respite I have taken since the hacking cough and smothering snot have overtaken my upper respiratory system, I have gone to the gym two whole times this week.  I am still hacking like I have TB, but since the snot isn't green anymore, and my pants are a little tight, I figured I should buck up and get some exercise.  Jenny, in her infinite wisdom and desire to make me look like a complete  klutz convinced me to go to some jacked up class today that made me jump rope, kickbox, weight train, and other assorted tortuous activities that made me remember why I haven't been to a group exercise class since college, when I felt like just as big of an uncoordinated fatty. In those days I was surrounded by former prom queens who were gorgeous and glamorous even when they had reached the high end of their maximum heart rate scale, and might have one little trickle of sweat running down their dewy faces.  Though I had trouble keeping up then, too, I look back at pictures from that time, and those classes worked, because there is no sign of the Freshman 15 I gained. Anyway, I alternated watching my white girl self in and the teacher in the inescapable mirrors the entire time today, and once my feet got in the right rhythm, the teacher would throw some hand movements in there, and all of my limbs immediately went all cracker girl and I had to stop and start over to get it right, and then the teacher would move on to something else.  Regardless, my heart rate was up to the "weight loss" level for almost 50 minutes, and I was sweating like a whore in church, so I feel like it was a good work out, and I am *almost* looking forward to going back again in two days. 


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