An Honest Look at Undergarments

Confession: I am wearing knee highs today. Do people even know what those are these days? The thought of actually wearing those today has been bothering me so much so, that I just had to tell you about my undergarments. There's something about the nylons resting just under my knee that feels both wrong and nostalgic. I can remember once upon a time my Mema always insisting that I wear adequate undergarments; if I was in a skirt I should be wearing a slip, If I was wearing a blouse I should have an undershirt, and hosiery must ALWAYS be worn with dresses, skirts, or trousers.

Under my high-waisted pants I have a secret... I'm wearing knee highs.

To this day, I continue to obey her rules despite the number of times I have tried to deviate. Yesterday I wore a dress without pantyhose (is what all the ladies are doing these days) and I felt so incomplete. I even sought an intervention from a coworker as I told her about my unpleasant habit. It's so annoying that every time I stuff myself into a pair of pantyhose, I inevitably find a snag after I walk out the door. Worse still is that swishingsound as the stockings brush against one another when I walk or move my legs ever so slightly. Today I'm wearing dress slacks and you would think my legs are already sufficiently covered. But here I am, in knee highs, complaining about it.

Just like cell phones and computers, undergarments have changed significantly over the years but their intended function is still the same: to slim, smooth, and squish women into shapely figures.

Here is a look back at the undergarments of then and now.

Once upon a time… stockings were made of silk and not really intended to be seen.

Nowadays… stockings are made of synthetic fibers that come in an infinite number of colors and prints. Unfortunately, they are sometimes worn in place of pants.




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