Honest Questions About Becoming a Mom

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Just the other day I had an interesting conversation with my mom. I was asking her all kinds of questions about having kids and, bless her heart, she answered all of them patiently. However, I'm still curious and would love to know your answers.

Honest Questions About Motherhood
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Are people aware how much self-sacrifice they will have to make in the upcoming years once they decide to have children?

I don't have any kids yet and I can just imagine how much there really is to it from what I read and hear from others. Lack of sleep, less social life, less time for yourself, less this and less that. I wonder if all those women who dream about kids are all mature enough to realize how much they will have to give up.

Have they accomplished everything they wanted to be?

Sure, it is possible to pursue your dream career even after having children. But I have a hard time imagining that every door will still be open for you. You know that little drawer in your mind that has the files labeled "one day, I could still become a..."? Can you stop it from fading away once you will have to concentrate on motherhood?

Are they ready to provide all the knowledge that's needed for life?

From now on, you will have to be a guide for your little ones. You will have to explain the whole world to them. Do you have the patience for that?

Do they know that kids won't appreciate all these efforts until they are in their 20s or 30s?

I only realized it now, how much work it really is to be a parent and I can't thank my mother enough for all she's done for me. How funny, I am talking about giving guidance to your child and I, myself still need some guidance from my mother when I'm asking these questions. And she is still not tired of mentoring me. She is truly the mother type.

Having children and being a mother are wonderful things that I want to have one day. But it terrifies me to think that by knowing all about the responsibilities that come with it, I will never be ready enough.

This was Day #7 at my personal 25 Day Blogging Challenge to motivate myself for writing more often. Sorry for all the questions but I really am curious about your experiences.

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