Honey Bourbon Sauce for Filet Mignon

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[Editor's Note: Sometimes a great steak stands on its own. But sometimes, it's even better when it's enhanced with a fantastic sauce like this honey-bourbon version from Our Life in the Kitchen. --Genie]

Honey Bourbon Filet Mignon

I rarely freeze meat because I tend to forget it’s there until I find a frosty, crystallized, freezer-burnt disgusting mess months later. This time, even though these were a great bargain, I was determined not to let them go to waste. I pulled them out and while they were thawing in the fridge I came up with this sauce. It’ll go great with any good piece of beef and I’ll be adding it to a pork dish before long. Next time I’ll throw in the green peppercorns I forgot this time around.

Honey Bourbon Filet Mignon

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