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A couple of weeks ago, a nice guy emailed me because he noticed a post I'd written recently where I mentioned that TW and I were both fiddling with our iPhone over dinner... he had an app I thought I might be interested in and he was willing to send me a couple of access codes to the Honey Do so I could try the app for free. Or more to the point, so TW and I could both try the app for free. I jumped at the idea because I like lists. I knew TW would not be as enthusiastic as I was... so I broke the news to her quietly... and sure enough, she started to panic.

"What do you mean you can assign me tasks?" "What kind of tasks?" "And you expect me to do these tasks?"

I explained that she could also assign me tasks. Or we could create to do lists full of tasks that someone could do - it could even be someone who doesn't have an iPhone and we could just use the Honey Do List app to remind ourselves and each other that we needed to make sure SOMEONE got these things done.

TW said she doesn't need a special app for these things because she just makes lists on her Evernote that say things like "Denise will do X. RJ will do Y. etc." and we just automatically do them - without her ever having to make any other effort.

TW's version of "The Secret" or something. Whatever. I rolled my eyes and insisted she try this app.

I installed it on my own phone first and made a group. Then I installed it on TW's phone. Then I invited her to my group and started creating tasks - most of which were not assigned to her at all. They were just things I wanted to be sure someone did.

Suddenly, I was getting invitations to all sorts of groups and lists. TW went from not being at all interested in this app to creating list after list and happily assigning me things to do. I think I finally stopped accepting her invitations - or maybe she has gone back to the "Secret" version of to do lists and is simply creating them and waiting for the universe (her family) to magically do her bidding.


It's actually a pretty cool app. It's incredibly easy to use. You can set up recurring tasks (notice TW is supposed to clean the PDog cage today... and hasn't... yet...) and you can set rewards for individual items if you like. You can create sub-items within a list and those can be checked off individually as well.

I mentioned on their Help Forum that this would be the ideal app if we could also access our groups online. Only two of the six people who live in this house have iPhones - it would be awesome if the non-iPhone users could get email notification (or text messages) about their tasks and access them online to check them off or comment on them.

Other than that - it's fun, it's easy to use, and I like it a lot. It makes my list loving organizational heart happy to be able to send TW note reminding her that finding her winter clothes was only one part of the "To Do" list... she also needs to put her non-winter clothes away to make room for her winter clothes that have been piled up on the washer for two weeks.

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